Mets Armed Forces Day Cap 2021

Nobody likes to celebrate Armed Forces Day (May 15th of course) with a brand new cap more than @mediagoon and that’s why he is on his way to Modell’s to get one of these beauties.

Uni Watch had the story during the week including a leak of many of the caps that will be worn by the other teams.  You of course know to read Uni Watch every day, right?

I personally find this cap ugly and find it adds nothing.  I support the troops like the next person – but clearly this is some sort of money scheme in which MLB started caring about Armed Forces Day because they were catching grief over monetizing Memorial Day which is when we honor those who died while performing military service.

So it’s kind of tacky to make money off remembering those who died….which gives me a thought starter to open a can of worms.   If the Mets are breaking out the black jerseys for the 20th anniversary of 9/11/01, maybe they need to break them out BEFORE then so they don’t actually suggest something they don’t mean to and monetize the anniversary by going LOOK EVERYONE, BLACK JERSEYS FOR SALE!