Sterling or Scully:has Gary Cohen re-found his Frick Award caliber PBP?

Hey, is it me or is Gary Cohen actually trying this season.  The track-walling (that’s when Gary mails it in with “to the track, to the wall, it’s Outta Here” which you think is good until I point out that its the same as John Sterling doing “it is high, it is far, it is gone” and holy cow Mets Police is right isn’t he) – anyway Gary seems to have cut down on mailing it in (he has been mailing in HRs for a few years now), and has given some pretty good honest calls in 2021, like this one!

Maybe Gary has been reading and enjoying my posts. Hi Gary!  (Gary, try taking the occasional break from slamming “outta here” in every time.  You don’t need to do it ever time.  You are better.  Don’t get mad at me, I am trying to get you into Cooperstown for legit reasons other than you went 40 years without getting fired.)

Verdict: Scully