Matt Harvey faced the A’s! How did he do? You’ll look!

Happy Harvey Day everyone.  Once upon a time Matt Harvey was in the A’s organization.  They sent him to the minors and did not love him enough to let them join their Major League Team, so this was an opportunity for Matt to show them what they are missing out on.

Bo and Luke Duke have the call on MASN and they are quite excited, suggesting that Matt is pitching like The Dark Knight of old, proving they have no idea what they are talking about.  Let’s check the numbers.

It’s a nice colorful matchup today and Canha leads off with an infield single.

Would one on and nobody out bother The Dark Knight?  Someone named Jed Lowrie plays baseball (sometimes) and hits one of those fly balls that is kinda deep but doesn’t show up in the boxscore.

Matt is not impressed by Mr. Lowrie’s attempt.

Canha steals second, the next guy walks, and Matt throws a nice DP ball (Matt loves a nice DP) but the Orioles suck at fielding.

So it’s second and third and two out but man these uniforms looks snazzy, don’t they?

A comeback nails Matt in the “leg” but he makes the play.  Matt looks kind of pensive.

The Orioles offense went down faster than a supermodel in the All Star Game starting pitcher’s Maserati (sorry, thats was Vulgar. Maybe I will hit 53 HRs…but you laughed)  and I have barely have time to post the first inning before Matt is back out there.

Bo and Luke are concerned that Matt’s “leg” may be injured.    The first Athletic flies out to the track but that doesn’t show up in teh box score.  Second guy also flies out to left.  And the third guy who probably has a name but this is baseball so who cares grounds out.  A 1-2-3 for Matt and he has the “hey fat blogger, what ya got to say now?” face

This post is going much better than the last matt Harvey recap because the rabbit ears are working well, and Mrs. Mets Police isn’t telling me about her day, so it’s on to the third!  Let’s check the score…

Six Nothing!  Wow.  Matt did walk this guy on 4 pitches but nothing came out it, and we’re on to the 4th.  Bo and Luke think Matt isn’t getting calls.

A 1-2-3-4 4th for The Real Deal (another pesky walk) but things are looking pretty good for Matt in his 150th career start.

The 5th? A 1-2-3-4 with a single mixed in, and Matt strikes out Major League Baseball Player Jed Lowrie to end the inning…Matt’s 1st strikeout of the day.

I’m bored out of my mind as we go to the 6th.   With two outs, a single and a double.

And now a man in a mask is visiting..

And that’s it for The Dark Knight.

It’s all for the best as the Mets are on and this baseball game was horribly boring.  Nice to see the Orioles have listened to me about Matt being OK until he isn’t…..tonight they got him out of there.

The box score will look better than the reality.  He was a tad wild, but hey 5+ and a run (or two if the Orioles let that guy on 2nd score)….not bad at all.

I’ll update with the final score but right now I have Mets to watch.

UPDATE:Orioles won 8-4. Matt got the win!