Red hot Pete Alonso is back baby with NO EXCUSES!

““I just felt like myself/ It felt good to go on [the IL], to get my hand right and to join the party again. It was real fun today.”

Those are the words of Vulgar Pete, who returned from the IL and hit his SEVENTH HOME RUN of the season, tying him for 72nd place among the MLB Leaderboard.

It is good to hear from Pete himself (and the New York Post which is much a propaganda machine for Pete as I am trying to run Pete out of town) – and it’s even better that he’s feeling healthy now because that means….NO EXCUSES….which is what I demand from the Steve Cohen era Mets.

The Wilpons are gone and Steve has money, so NO EXCUSES if they don’t win the World Series.

Pete is healthy, so I expect 10 home runs a month now, so he will finish with 47 HRS which is a lot but still less than 50 and he won’t join the club of eight players who have hit 50 twice.

And for all the new followers – why am I running Pete out of town?  He insists on adding an F to LGM.  And that must be stopped.   I have seen young prospect Pete Crow-Armstrong use the vulgar version.  I have seen players acquired by the Mets use it.  Just yesterday Pillar used it.  And that MUST NOT creep in to the culture here in Queens.  It’s Let’s Go Mets.  There is no F.

So Pete, welcome back, I look forward to your great season.  You’re going to have a great season now, right?