Matt Harvey pitched on short rest! How did he do? You’ll look

Hey you probably weren’t expecting Harvey Day already!  It was just a few days ago that Matt was sucking pretty badly, but here he is on three days rest because the Orioles are going to lose 110 games and someone has to make this innings go away, so it might as well be Matt.   Let’s take a look at the numbers!

Not too good.  Let’s look at some more numbers!

YIKES!  That’s pretty horrible, but SOMEONE has to pitch…and Matt faces the first batter and OH JESUS ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Then Josh Donaldson walks and there are two on and this is already a disaster.  Two on, none out.  But….SURPRISE Two strikeouts and a ground out and Matt Harvey is out of the inning!

On to the second and Matt retires the first two batters…someone named Ryan Jeffers steps in…let’s check his stats…

OK so here’s Jeffers batting .147 with no home runs and OH NO

Matt strikes out the next guy to end the inning.   And let’s take a long look because you never know if this is the last you will see of Matt Harvey in the major leagues.

Fortunately, it is not and Matt comes back for the third!  What kind of opener is this?  Has Matt reinvented baseball?

In the third?  A nice 1-2-3 inning for Matt and I want to go eat some ice cream cake with the family and I lost the feed anyway so let’s call it a night.

In the end…..3 innings, 1 run on 2 hits, three Ks.  All in all not horrible.   Maybe Matt is a Three Inning Opener.  He does tend to suck second time through the lineup.

Perhaps the Orioles and Matt have reinvented baseball.  Openers suck, but maybe Threepeners are the future!  Especially as 7 inning games are our destiny,

For the Orioles, might as well try this again in a few days.  SOMEONE has to pitch, it might as well be Matt Harvey.