Which Mets are on the 2021 All Star Ballot…and who should make the team

Surely the only Met on the 2021 All Star Team should be Jacob deGrom, but hey we can still look at the ballot anyway.

1B – the Mets have nominated Pete Alonso.  That makes sense to me as he leads the team, with 7 home runs on June 4th.  That said, he does not deserve to be on this team.

2B – The Mets seem to believe they have a player named Jeff McNeil who plays there.  Clearly we cannot put him on the team.

3B – MLB lists third base next, I guess the social media people aren’t familiar with how the infield works.  The Mets have nominated J.D. Davis who is batting .390!  But he’s hurt too so we are not sending him to Denver.

SS – You guys have booed Lindor so that’s a non-starter.

C – James McCann.  He splits time on his own team.  Nope.  More seriously, I guess you COULD consider him, but take a look at the stats of the more famous Buster Posey and Yaider Molina, or consider we need to bring some Brewers (Omar Navarez .294 and .825 OPS for you millennials) or Diamondbacks (Carson Kelly .922 OPS for you millennials)

OF – The Mets have nominated Conforto (.230 and hurt, nope), Nimmo (.318 but hurt) and Dom Smith who is a first baseman taking one for the team and having a  lousy season (nope).

So there ya have it.  You guys can stuff ballot boxes and add some Mets, but looks like the only jersey Media Goon will be buying is Jacob deGrom.

(I await all your tweets about which relievers should make it.)