Davey Johnson knows analytics have ruined baseball

Last century, the Mets won the World Series.  The second time was in 1986, and the manager was a man named Davey Johnson.  Younger fans may be unfamiliar with the 1986 Mets and their manager, but he was really good at managing the Mets.   TBWeekly caught up with him…..

“That’s the one thing that bothers me about baseball today. The analytics people are hurting the game, especially the pitchers,” he said. “I’ve been a part of analytics but nothing like this. Analytics can be great but with pitching, managers should know who needs rest, who doesn’t. There are a ton of Tommy John injuries because managers aren’t used to that thinking; you can’t pitch guys every day even if it’s only for an inning. I am so upset with that bull.”

As a player, Johnson was under the guidance of the feisty Baltimore manager Earl Weaver for most of his playing career. He learned a lot from Weaver, including how to use pitchers.

“Weaver was a little weasel,” said Johnson. “But he handled the pitching staff the right way. He knew how to use his relievers. He was a genius that way. I took it in.”

Also why did the advertiser decide to show the Mets losing 4-0?