Matt Harvey is still starting for the Orioles for some reason. How did he do? You’ll look!

Someone has to pitch, and sometimes someone is Matt Harvey.  The Orioles either don’t care or are fools or broke or all of the above, so they sent Matt Harvey to the mound expecting good things to happen.

It’s Matt’s 14th start of the year and let’s check the stats and you can’t even see the netting.

Matt walks the lead off hitter.  You’ve read these posts before so you know how this is gonna go even if the Orioles don’t.  Someone named Amed Rosario steps in…..and strikes out!

A ground ball to first for the second out, runner advances to second.  An E-4 makes it first and third and a single drives in the unearned run.  Sorry Matt.

Oh well, on to the second where we are tied at 1 thanks to some snazzy Orioles hitting.  Matt almost gets a 1-2-3 but the 3B threw a ball wide to first, but Matt gets the next out.  So on to the third, but soon we will be second time through the order.

In the third, someone named Amed Rosario leads off with a single….Matt gives up two fly balls that land about 10-15 feet short of the fence…then a K and we are on to the 4th,

Matt is at 50+ pitches as we go to the 4th and the manager in me is thinking if I can get this guy through 5 I should get him out for the mental rehab part….but first Matty Baseball must get through the fourth.

A leadoff double, then a single and some keystone kops throwing it around, and it’s 2-1 Cleveland Baseball Team with a runner on 3rd and none out.   Uh oh.

And a single makes it 3-1.

an F9, a walk, the bullpen gets up, and someone named Amed Rosario steps in.  Third time through the order.

Rosario singles…


The catcher stalls for time….

….and Bruce Hyde has seen enough.

I think the Orioles should go back to that “Threepener” thing they did with Matt last week.  Let him throw the first three innings and get him out.

Anyway the bullpen let the runners score, and I think Matt’s line looks worse than the reality of it.

3.1 ip, 6 hits, 6 runs, 5 earned, 2 Ks, 2 walks, 82 pitches

How long can the Orioles keep doing this?