Rojas Watch Watch Watch now in effect

Some people are asking me if it is time for a Rojas Watch Watch.

To catch up the newbies….education time….

A Rojas Watch would be when the sharks are swimming and it seems possible the manager is about to be fired.  We are definitely not there.

A Rojas Watch Watch watches to see what others are saying about a possible Rojas Watch.  A hypothetical example would be if say the New York Post wrote an article saying something like “if the Mets don’t…..”    We are not there yet, but we could see one soon.

The general sense I am getting is that fans don’t feel the Mets have the horses they need and that they’ve been fortunate the division sucks,

A Rojas Watch Watch Watch is where we are now.  That’s when I am keeping an eye out to see if anyone writes an article.  Basically Defcon-3.

Up until this morning we were not under any sort of Watch-level, but due to what I am seeing in my feed and inbox I am declaring a Rojas Watch Watch Watch.