The Post’s Pete Alonso Fluff Piece omits the F – why?

The New York Post has a nice fluff piece about how groovy Pete Alonso is, but this caught my eye..(the bold is mine)

Some still don’t like the extra letter he lent to the Mets’ hashtag of “LGM,” which seems like an awfully benign sin. Some scoffed at his acting like Kevin Bacon in “Animal House” as the Mets’ season started to fall apart in August, his “remain calm all is well!” mantra interpreted by some as naïve at best and delusional at worst.

Here is a question for the Post.  Why didn’t you include the extra letter?  If it isn’t a big deal why not tell everyone that the letter is and what it means?

I maintain the Mets should pawn Pete off on some other GM before it’s too late.  If you think Pete’s numbers can’t be replaced, just look at the stats of The Biggest Mets Villain Of All Time Javy Baez.  It’s a shame Baez has to go (you CANNOT boo the fans, an unforgivable sin) or we could just replace Pete’s numbers with Javy’s.

This team is a bunch of losers (one game under .500).  This will be Pete’s third straight missed playoff.

Pete is smart that he talks to the press…that will keep the press off his back.   That’s a good media trick that always works.

The extra letter IS a big deal.

The booing of the fans IS a big deal.

As Springsteen wrote, “…who we are, what we do, and what we won’t.”

Nobody on this team right now seems to understand this, nor does anyone who covers this team.