10 million star Review of the 1986 Mets 30 for 30

Stop everything in your life and watch the 30 for 30 about the 1986 Mets.

I know I have said on here that I am sick of talking about 1986, but this is so much more. We start in 1962 but pretty quickly get to 1977 which is when I started with all this. You know the story, they trade Seaver, the Mets suck for years

But as one voice points out, 1986 isn’t just about 1986, it’s the final piece of a trilogy that starts with 1984 and then adds Gary Carter for the 1985 version and then we get Metsvengers Endgame in 1986.

What thrilled me was – I think he’s the first voice we hear, and we hear from him a lot – hearing Greg Prince. That screamed to me THEY GET IT. Greg is one of us and he knows more about this team than just about anyone, Jay Horwitz possibly maybe knowing more. Maybe.

So we start out in great hands and as I mentioned on twitter, I wish the actual Mets Organziation understood themselves as well as this doc. This was My Mets that basically haven’t existed since Jeff Wilpon added black to the color scheme.

Along the way so many memories. As I also mentioned on twitter, seeing a fly out to Andy Van Slyke for the first time in 36 years – wow that brought me right back. The Eric Davis fight and Gary Carter at third.

Hoping the millennials can see the clips of Keith Hernandez playing defense. Hearing Keith’s teammates talk about Keith. Wondering why Keith’s 17 isn’t being retired before the end of this paragraph.

Hearing how great Bob Murphy was on calls. The sound of Gary Thorne (told ya!). Texting a friend that Steve Zabriskie is forgotten and deserves better.

And a trip back to the seedy NYC of the 80s where we didn’t have Disney in Times Square and the subway was an adventure.

I was wide awake and high on Mets well past 11pm. I missed my dad.

I’m sad I can’t watch tonight (plans) but cannot wait to see episodes 3 and 4.

If you’re a regular reader of the blog you probably understand my world view on the Mets. Or maybe you’re one of those young whippersnappers who thinks I am a cranky old man. Watch this doc. Understand what things can be and have not been in a very very long time. We don’t need players who boo their own fans, we need players who want to kick the tail of the guys in the other dugout. I haven’t seen a Mets team like that in a long long time.

I give the show a rating of ten million stars out of 4. I hope the people that run the Mets watch it.