Now the Queens Baseball Convention added guest Lyin’ Todd Frazier!

Hmmmm….first the Queens Baseball Convention announces Gary Cohen (and Ron Darling).  I have been known to criticize Gary.

Now they go an invite Lyin’ Todd Frazier.

What’s next?  Gelbs? Pete Alonso? Donald Trump Supporter Mike Piazza?  The entire staff of Metsmerized?

Is Media Goon trying to make me miserable?  Can I just not show up?

I was going to avoid Gary Cohen by wearing a The 7 Line t-shirt, which as you know comes with a cloak of invisibility making it so Gary cannot see anyone in such a shirt.

How does one avoid Todd?  Maybe I come dressed as an umpire?  An alien from War of the Worlds?


September 15, 2021 – Following up on yesterday’s announcement that Ron Darling and Gary Cohen will be attending the 2021 Queens Baseball Convention, organizers today revealed that former Mets third baseman and New Jersey native Todd Frazier would also be attending the event on Saturday, November 13, 2021.

Frazier, who played for the Mets from 2018-2020, will be making his first appearance at the QBC

“Todd was such a fan favorite here in Queens that when the opportunity arose to have him appear at the QBC, of course we had to say yes” said QBC co-founder Keith Blacknick.

“Being a local guy, Todd is very familiar with the passion of Mets fans, even before he joined the team” added Blacknick’s partner Dan Twohig. “With the QBC being run by fans, for fans, it’s a natural fit to have Todd come.”

Frazier will take part in a panel discussion, followed by an audience Q&A session. Following the Q&A he will then sign autographs for those attending. (Pricing to be announced at a later date).

In addition to appearances, panels, and autograph sessions, the QBC will also include panels on other fan and Mets related topics, as well as a host of vendors.

Ticket and autograph pricing will be announced soon with tickets going on sale in the coming weeks . For more information or for inquiries, please email us at, or follow us on social media (Twitter @QBConvention or Facebook

Founded in 2013, the Queens Baseball Convention was created as a mid-winter gathering of fans of the New York Mets. Our design is a combination of “Fan Fest” meets “Comic Con.” Since its start it has grown into the largest fan-run fan fest in the New York area.