Mets owner Steve Cohen wants you to be a snitch?

I am busy so let’s crib off Bleacher Nation as I haven’t had time to study this…

Bleacher Nation Writes:


Mets Owner Steve Cohen Tried to Get a Source Outed on Twitter Using a Fan Ticket Contest?

I don’t even know what to say about the Mets, man. I’m not TRYING to constantly laugh at their (self-inflicted) problems, but when the owner is out there just airing everything again and again, it’s pretty difficult not to notice.

The latest installment of lolMets starts with a relatively innocuous report in the New York Post about how Mets owner Steve Cohen and team president Sandy Alderson plan to proceed with their next year’s worth of hiring/firing decisions (president/GM, manager). The report includes some quotes on the Mets’ purported thinking from an anonymous MLB exec.

The quote from the article, which is just one dude’s opinion and would be ignored by most responsible adults: “Cohen is out there tweeting about the organization and about stuff that he shouldn’t be tweeting about like he’s a fan. Why would somebody want to sign up for that? I think it’s a huge issue.”

Then, in an almost perfectly display of proof, Cohen took to Twitter with one of the most unorthodox steps I’ve ever seen: he wanted the source outed and created a CONTEST to generate attention for it.

 via Bleacher Nation.

Hmmm.   Here’s the tweet.

And to stay on brand…Steve knows a lot about third place finishers…

Steve you better hope the MLB Playoffs adopt the same policy.

There is NOTHING to like about this black wearing, game losing, fan hating, vulgar team.  Not the players and not the owners.

Just remember, when the WIlpons are gone, all will be better.  Right?