BE GONE! Loser Mets move on from loser manager who missed 8 team playoff in 2020

Close followers of my stuff know I have absolutely had it with everyone who was part of the 2021 Mets (DON’T BOO YOUR FANS).

Mr. Rojas seems like a lovely man, a nice guy, who maybe could be a good manager for a team that has time to build….but this is New York City and I was 17 when the Mets last won the World Series.  The Wilpons are gone, the new guy supposedly has a lot of funds, and let’s be real – Rojas should have been dismissed a year ago for missing an 8 team playoff.  That is REALLY hard to do.

The Mets say:

The club will not pick up the option on Manager Luis Rojas for the 2022 season. Decisions regarding the remaining coaching staff will be made over the next several days. We have offered Rojas the opportunity to remain in the organization in a TBD capacity. 

This time I want a veteran manager who has done this before.  I don’t want to hear about how this guy could be good etc.  I want someone who is good and knows how to do it.

And for the love of Seaver, all of you in the mainstream media need to stop talking about the Mets changing the culture.  I am still not over the Mickey Hodges nonsense which somehow went from Howie of all people comparing him to Saint Gil, and two years later Mickey is a yelling match hallway by a game named Tim.

No more culture changes.  No more speeches about how this time we’re going to build a sustained winner.  This time, do it.

In the meantime, I want everyone who was on the 2021 Mets gone.  That includes deGrom in case you are curious.  Not one of these players said it was wrong to boo the fans.  I will never forgive any of them  Be gone, all of you.