Sterling or Scully: John Sterling calls a Stanton Single

So many people sent this to me…..

If you are new to Sterling or Scully, there are only two grades: Sterling or Scully.  There is no in-between.

A Scully is a great call.  Say “here comes Knight and the Mets win…” followed by silence.   Or a “I don’t believe what I just saw” would get a Scully grade.

A Sterling would go to a call like “to the track, to the wall, it’s outta here” where a lesser announcer is just forcing in a catch-phrase that really hasn’t caught on at all after 30 years.

“The Giants Win The Pennant, The Giants Win The Pennant….” would get a Scully.  A lesser announcer would have said “it’s to the track, to the wall, it’s outta here!  Bobby Thomson with a three run homer and the Giants win the ballgame!” which would not have been nearly as cool because that call would be about a catch phrase and not the moment.  That’s a Sterling call.

It can be dangerous forcing your catch phrase as we are about to see.

Here’s John Sterling playing the game..

Verdict: Sterling