60th Anniversary Patch? Retail black Mets uniforms? Silence before Blue Friday

Maybe the Mets were distracted with their GM hirings but with Black/Blue Friday rapidly approaching, I am pleasantly surprised we haven’t heard anything about new uniforms being for sale on Friday.

First up, even the Mets probably know this is the 60th anniversary year.  I guess 60 isn’t as cool as 50, but I guess if they DID do a patch then Media Goon would buy a jersey.

More curious to me is that I don’t see any rumblings about black jerseys being for sale.  Earlier in the year we were told they would be coming out later this year.  This year is getting pretty late.  Maybe we get an announcement on Monday?

Both the LOLGuardians and Royals introduced new items yesterday, so maybe the GM announcement bumped a uniform announcement.  OR hopefully the black uniforms are back in the dust pile.

There is also no mention of selling the 9/11 jersey for retail.  I think these would be a reasonably big seller.  Surely more interesting than a Lindor jersey.

Also I was on the Mets Shop site just now – Noah Syndergaard? Who’s that? We have never heard of him.