T-Shirt guy selling sweaters, why won’t he sell us cool cardigans?

TTSG is selling these.  They aren’t bad BUT….


….what if TTSG sold us one of these!  Now that would be awesome.

Is TTSG anti-cardigan?  If so WHY?  WHY IS HE ANTI-CARDIGAN?

Also why is TTSG able to do the Mets logo without the long tail M like the hideous new black jerseys have?

But while we’re going there, why did TTSG choose to use the Mets that they use in print, and not the one in the jerseys.  What you want to look at here is how the M connects to the E.

Usually the M connects to the bottom of the E on a jersey which is something you wear on your torso. (An exception being the Kids Weekend Nickname jerseys which had the e connecting in the other style)

On the sweaters, the M is connecting to the e in a different way, an example being the ball logo.


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