Good signings! Welcome to all the new Mets who never booed Mets fans!

What a lovely morning.  We have some new Mets who don’t hate Mets fans. Hopefully Steve can continue to get rid of all those losers the 2021 Mets (including JDG and Pete, complicit in their silence) and get some new players to root for.  And hopefully these new guys understand #LGM has three letters.  My patience is VERY thin these days.

The Mets seem to have acquitted Sterling Marie for the OF.

Unfortunately the stupid millennials have taken over sportswriting with their dopey OPS nonsense so I had to go digging for REAL NUMBERS which were .310 12 and 55 in 2021, so congratulations the Mets just signed Daniel Murphy!  However that would over look the 47 stolen bases.

VERDICT: Good signing!

The Mets are also supposedly getting Mark Canha – if the Angels want to be the Mets, why can’t the Mets be the A’s?   I got to know Canha when I skimmed the 2020 Season with Matt Harvey on the A’s-turned-LI Ducks….and Canha was solid.  That’s my knowledge of him.  He was good in a video game 18 months ago so I say…

VERDICT: Good singing!

Then there is this Eduardo Escobar fellow, who I never heard of until yesterday but that’s MLB’s problem not mine, and he plays several positions, hit 28 HRs and most importantly has never booed Mets fans!

VERDICT: Good signing!

So that’s it.  I have nothing negative to say.  Good job Steve and team!

Everyone celebrate by buying black jerseys!