Mets get Scherzer, comedians clear April schedule

New Mets ace Max Scherzer seen here in a black jersey

The Mets have reportedly signed 37 year old Max Scherzer to a 3 year $130 million contract.

He joins a growing list of Mets Who Never Booed Their Own Fans and thus I welcome him.

I am also hearing that comedians are clearing their schedules.  Comedians LOVE acting like they are big time Mets fans every April.  Then during April’s winning streak they go on TV and hang out with the t-shirt people.

Then June comes and the Mets fall back to the back.  By August, comedians are gone.

All of this has happened before and will happen again.

This is also the point in the season where people will now switch back to calling me “negative.”  I assure you I continue to crack jokes at more or less the same rate, and it’s you reading into things.  Unless the Mets boo their own fans, then I am truly irate.

But now we have all kinds of new Mets!

Canha (we think)

All of whom you can root for!  You should even buy a jersey!