No, I did not see the Mets game!

Nope, I did not see the Mets game.

I had to go to my kid’s concert.  My plan WAS to get home and watch the end of the Mets game but….

…while at the concert I checked the score twice and saw 7-0 and 7-1

…also while at the concert I got a text from the QBC guys asking if I had seen Picard yet.  I had not.

So when I got home I decided that instead of a 7-1 game I would watch some Star Trek.

I imagine a 7 spot in the 9th was lots of fun, and how great is it that this team has fight in it!   That said, I have no regrets that I didn’t put it on.  After all, baseball is boring.


Picard was a total disaster.  It would be like hiring an Agent to run your team or declaring a manager to be like Gil Hodges in February.  Just terrible. Everything about it.

Strange New Worlds gives me some home although they do some things that they don’t need to do, which are major unforced errors.  Change a character name here or there and all that goes away.  But KurtzmanTrek cannot help itself.  At least this episode felt Star Trekky, but so did Discovery S2E1 so I am not going nuts yet.