Does Baseball have its Weekly Schedule COMPLETELY WRONG?

Here’s the latest sure to be unpopular-off-the-bat post.  I propose to you that MLB has their schedule COMPLETELY wrong.

The 1930s are over.  We aren’t traveling by train, and we have things to do other than watch 4 hour baseball games, especially when it is nice out.  People have lives.  I propose to you that baseball has it ALL wrong, and that they need to change things.

  1.  TV is king.  Its nice that sometimes people come watch you stand on grass in ten minute increments.
  2. Playing while people are at work during the week is insane.

So, here’s what the schedule should be….ready?  You’re not going to like this.



Wednesday NIGHT GAME

Next series:


Friday DAY GAME.  

First I will address the baseball mafia.  You guys have been to Wrigley on a summer Friday.  It’s great.  There is something about starting the weekend early,  There’s something about maybe working a half day or taking Friday off. It’s great.

Now I will address the Mets fans.  Did you enjoy Opening Day?  Yes you did.  And thousands of you had time to get their at 9am to stare at Steve Cohen giving a speech.

Look at that picture.  That’s a Friday in April.  You can clearly make it to a Friday day game.  So you have lost that argument.

I am addicted to twitter and guess what happens on Friday nights – Mets twitter is a ghost down.  You know why?  It’s Friday night.  People want to do other things.

I was psyched that the game was rained out.  I played video games and then watched Mission Impossible Rogue Nation (good flick!) and Top Gun and then still had time to watch some It’s Always Sunny.   I imagine younger people do things like hang at bars and go on dates.  We don’t need the TV Show That Is MLB on Friday Night.

So Friday Day games it is.


Saturday:  DAY GAME

Hey we all love a day game and we want kids and families to go to games etc.  Well here you go.  Saturday day games.  If Fox wants to have one Saturday Night game for TV, ok fine.   But we don’t need a 6pm Mets-Marlins game in Miami.   Play at 1pm and let people have their Saturday nights back.

Now here comes the part you aren’t ready for….


Sunday:  TRAVEL DAY 

I feel bad for people who waste their time inside on a summer day watching baseball.  Go outside.  Do something.   Sunday should be the day the teams travel.

Once football starts nobody is watching baseball anyway, so let’s let the NFL have its day.

You’ll be fine.  There is plenty to do.

One exception:  Sunday Night Baseball.  I have come around on this.  Yes it sucks to sit in the stands on Sunday Night, so DON’T GO.   But it’s nice to have on TV.  So if your team is on SNB, you will have Friday off and you play on Sunday night.  The scheduling people will make sure you are somewhere close for your Monday night game.


And that’s it.  I have eliminated the insanity of weekday baseball.  I have eliminated the annoying two weeknights every week where you want to watch baseball after work but the Mets aren’t on because they played Wednesday afternoon and have Thursday off.  Wouldn’t you rather have Wednesday and Thursday night games than Friday night and Sunday anything?   Be HONEST – YOU WOULD.

You’re welcome baseball.