How to stop watching the Mets and be perfectly happy

This is another in a long time of posts that won’t be popular.

It started with Saturday nights. At some point I decided I wanted to do other things than watch the Mets. So I made a loose no Saturday night rule. If I felt like breaking it, it was not a blood oath, but most Saturday nights including tonight I don’t put the Mets on

Then there were the Sunday games. I used to sit in the yard and listen to the games. Then the WOR years came along and my choices were to deal with the wah-wah sound they would use on their broadcasts (this was a dull almost metallic noise to mask the silence so the ratings devices would pick up that you were listening) or the other choice was the MLB App with super loud commercials. I complained, I begged, I pleased – neither side did anything so I swore off the radio (forever)

This year my kick is that it’s insane that out of the four weeknights (Mon-Thurs) the Mets usually are off/day game. So that leaves two nights a week to watch the Mets, if I happen to be home.

Last night Scherzer was pitching. I have enjoyed his starts. But the Mets chose to market the Black Edge jerseys for their blackout and I didn’t want to look at it. So I played video games (baseball!) and watched some “TV”. I had a nice night

What all this adds up to is that even though the Mets have put together a good product, even though the Mets are 6 or 7 games up, I don’t care.

Should I nuke my Saturday night and watch a four hour game? No thanks.

Tomorrow should I bother with the radio? Nope it’s dead to me.

Next up is Mon-We’d normal tv starts so I can watch some games. But then a day game and a west coast swing so it’s back to the Invisible Mets

I understand that they have to play west coast games but here’s the thing – that’s baseball’s problem, not mine. I just won’t watch. I will do other things. Just like I do on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and two weeknights a week. I’ve broken the habit and I don’t miss it.

Concurrently, MLB expanded the playoffs. So we are hockey now. Gone is worrying about if the Mets can be top 7, I already know they will be playing in October, so I feel like I can just pop in and out (like hockey) and then start paying attention in the fall like the supposed big time Mets fan comedians do.

So what do I want from you Mets?


And that’s the thing. I just don’t care. You jacked the tickets and priced me out of Opening Day 2016 so I hope your new fans that discovered the team in 2015 stand by you.

All the damage to the sport was done in the 2010s. It’s like climate change. The warnings were there, you didn’t care. Now you reap what you sow.

Mets, I might watch, but I probably won’t, and I don’t care.

Do you?

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