Hey @mets if you are serious about Pride Month then back it up with IN GAME UNIFORMS

Hey @mets – I saw your tweet.

But….do you really?

How about wearing something IN GAME ON FIELD?

The Dodgers are going to do it.  This week!  June 3rd!  They will do it again on June 11th.

In a public release, Stan Kasten, President and CEO of the Dodgers said, “The Los Angeles Dodgers are proud to stand with and recognize the LGBTQ+ community in Los Angeles and globally. The Dodgers have a history of breaking barriers and we’re proud to be a part of another chapter in MLB history as the Dodgers and Giants each wear their team’s pride caps on June 11. While our organizations have a long-storied rivalry on the field, we stand together when it comes to equality for all.” (via CBS News)

The Mets?   They tweeted.

Remember when the Mets acted like they cared about BLM?  The next day the BLM on the mound was replaced by a car ad.

Remember when the Mets cared about Ukraine on opening day?  That left fast.

So Mets…spare me the tweet.  I know the editorial calendar reminded you to do this today – I have the back end on Facebook too, I see what you see.

You want to show your serious?  Do what the Dodgers are doing.  Are you afraid of backlash form fans?  Screw those fans.  Steve doesn’t need their money.

Are your players homophobic?  Well then, that’s a whole other conversation….and seemingly a problem the Dodgers have overcome.