Why the Mets should trade Pete Alonso for Tommy Edman or Ke’Bryan Hayes

Pete Alonso wondering who could have possibly gotten Chili Davis fired.

Well Millennials, you win.  I have stopped looking at the traditional Old Man Stats like batting average and HRs and RBI, and I have come around to your way of thinking and look at things like WAR.

That’s why I think the Mets should trade Pete Alonso for the best player in the game, Cardinals second baseman Tommy Edman who leads the Major Leagues with a WAR of 3.6.

In olden times I would say Edman isn’t that good – but that would be dumb.  I would be looking at Old Timey Stats and see that Edman is batting .280 with just 6 HRs and 25 RBI.  But you try replacing him with an imaginary average replacement player.  You can’t.

Compare that with Pete Alonso.  Old Men and even Pete’s biggest haters  might look at his stat line and be like wow .284 with 18 HRs and 57 RBI that’s a fantastic season even if he stops now.

But you millennials and I know the real deal.  We look at WAR.  And Pete’s WAR is 1,8.  You could practically grab a guy off the street and get that.  It makes him “Jeff McNeil good” (also 1.8)   It’s 57th best.  There are a lot of guys you wish you could trade Pete for.

Like Jazz Chisholm from the Marlins with his WAR of 2.  Don’t you wish you had a guy like that?  Sure he hits .252 but who looks at batting average anyway?

Maybe you’re like – hey man, how about you compare him to a 1B.  OK…..well there is Paul Goldschmidt with his 2.9.   Clearly Paul Goldschmidt is twice as good as Pete, I don’t think anyone would argue that.

Someone named Andres Giminez, a shortstop on the Guardians, has a 2,6.  Imagine if you traded him for a guy who boos his own fans.  Oopsie.

Someone named Ke’Bryan Hayes plays 3B for Pittsburgh and has a WAR of 2.5 with his Old Timey Stats of .277 2 and 21….but who looks at this anyway?

So clearly the Mets need to trade up here.  You can’t have the 57th best guy when there are great players like Ke’Bryan Hayes to be acquired.

Pete Alonso for Ke’Bryan Hayes?  Who says no?

Unless of course you guys want to admit that WAR is nonsense.  Let me know.

Also they have DH’s now in the NL so I don’t want to hear about positions.  Get Ke’Bran Hayes in here Billy!