Baseball let me break the Mets habit

Well, for years and years I warned about letting fans break habits….and well baseball I have news for you….

Someone handed in a really poor schedule for the Mets this year. There were lots of weekday day games (which is an insane concept if you think about it) and a lot of late night games.

Here’s what happened.

I wound up not watching baseball for a month.

Here’s your problem.

I don’t miss it.

Since the day after the no-hitter I have watched one half inning.

This has nothing to do with the Mets being bad (obviously not) so you can’t call frontrunner-ism on me.

I’m able to follow the team just fine.  While I do other things I check social media and @mets will share the highlights.

But you let me break the habit.

You let me get comfortable not buying tickets.  I don’t miss it.

You let the radio broadcasts be a mess for 4 years both on WOR and the App.  So I cut it out of my life.  I don’t miss it.

Games got longer and slower and I decided I would always turn the game off at 10pm no matter what was happening.  I didn’t miss anything.

And now I have gotten out of the habit of watching the games.  And guess what – I don’t miss it.

This isn’t a stance.  This isn’t a plea for you to do something else.  The thing is – you let the ship sail.

And I’m the core.  You think Generation Z is sitting in front of a television watching three guys in their 60s describe a baseball game? Good luck – even if you do stream it on an app that I understand sometimes works.

You’ve managed to have a 50-something core baseball fan lose interest in a first place team.  Your marketing team should take a long hard look at what you’ve let your business become.

And before the haters come at me, I have been running this site since 2008 and I think I have missed one day without posting.   But baseball is like modern Star Trek – the people in charge let it die and lost the old fans.  Are there more new fans to make up for the old?  In both cases it seems not.

Will I put the games on in October?  Sure. Absolutely.  I’m not at all saying I won’t.  But 7:10pm vs the Brewers on a beautiful night?  Nope.  Heck, even if it were not nice out you’d be below Obi-Wan Kenobi on my list.

So enjoy the 4 hour games.  Play Wednesdays at 1pm if you want.  Let half the league in the playoffs and let the games end at 9:30pm Pacific – you do you – I’m doing something else.

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