Do you actually like these Mets?

Here’s a question,

Do you actually like these Mets?

I get that you like that they win.

But are you like, cool its Mark Canha?  Hey look its my favorite Met Chris Bassitt!

I understand why you like Vulgar Pete even though he is an affront to Let’s Go Mets.

deGrom is one of ours, and Max was fun and has “IT” – but neither or playing.

So, I ask you, and I need you to be honest.

Do you like these Mets, or do you just like that there are some guys in Mets shirts in first place?

I’m not saying I dis-like them (except Lindor who I hope his milk is always sour) – I’m just saying I don’t LIKE them the way I liked Seaver, Mazzilli, Keith, Wright or Murphy.

So….now that you’ve thought about it instead of reacting to the headline – do you like THESE Mets?