PROOF that @mlb needs to focus on EAST COAST START TIMES

Hey baseball – you like people watching your games, right?  Well…

Most watched weeknight game in 15 years. Featuring New York Teams and starting at a New York friendly start time.  You  know why?  Here…

STOP with the 8pm starts for the shiny events.  The orange dots fall asleep.  There isn’t much orange in the Pacific. Stop worrying about if LA fans can’t see first pitch because NYC fans can’t stay awake to see last pitch.

What more proof do you need?

ESPN MLB Notes: Wednesday’s New York Yankees vs. New York Mets Game Generated 2,120,000 Viewers Exclusively on ESPN

  • Most-Watched Regular-Season Weeknight MLB Game on ESPN in 15 Years (Excluding Opening Night and Tiebreaker Games)

  • July 31 on Sunday Night Baseball: Chicago Cubs’ Seiya Suzuki Mic’d for In-Game Conversation through Interpreter 

According to Nielsen, the New York Mets victory over the New York Yankees on Wednesday, July 27, generated an average audience of 2,120,000 viewers, exclusively on ESPN. The broadcast peaked with 2,810,000 viewers from 10:15-10:30 p.m. ET.

Excluding opening night and tiebreaker games, Wednesday’s game is the most-watched regular-season MLB weeknight broadcast on ESPN in 15 years, since September 14, 2007 (New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox).

As part of its new long-term agreement with MLB, ESPN has an annual allotment of five exclusive, national games in addition to its 25 Sunday Night Baseball games and full exclusivity of the new MLB Wild Card Series.

ESPN’s MLB coverage continues on July 31 when the Chicago Cubs visit the San Francisco Giants at 7 p.m. on Sunday Night Baseball Presented by Taco Bell. During the telecast, Cubs outfielder Seiya Suzuki will be mic’d up for an in-game conversation with the ESPN broadcast team through Suzuki’s interpreter.

Coverage continues on Monday, August 1, when the Houston Astros will host the Boston Red Sox, exclusively on ESPN.