Steve Cohen’s Citi Field: Attend Mets game, get punched in the face!

Well @mets this is some advertistementfor attending a Mets game.

Steve, do you expect me to drive an hour and a half, then sit in parking lot traffic for an hour, give you $100 for a ticket and then be subjected to THIS?

According to The Big Lead, the deGroms weren’t even ejected!

Both deGroms got in good shots here, then guy on the left hit the money shot that ended things. It is pretty lame to take shots at a guy being held back though, so I’m not sure how great they can feel about it.

An update from a user under that video said the Braves fan was ejected while the two Mets fans were allowed to stay. Seems like Citi Field security is doing a bang-up job.

Thats LFGM culture for you Steve. Reap what you sow. I will be home. not even bothering to put the game on TV.

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