Cool billionaire just wants you to be able to go hiking near his new Queens casino!

The Push to Build a Casino in Manhattan Could Turn Out to be a House of Cards

The Commercial Observer wrote about the various casino proposals and shared this gem:

Cohen has also emphasized broader plans to build hiking trails near Flushing Creek and redevelop the area around Willets Point, an industrial area filled with auto body repair shops that has long been on mayoral to-do lists.

See, it’s not about getting richer off the backs of working class fools who think they can beat the house, this is about building hiking trails for YOU.  Wouldn’t you love to hike through the beautiful meadows of Flushing, along the waterfront?  You would love that.

The Commercial Observer reminds us..

In January, Cohen hosted Mayor Eric Adams and Adams’ chief of staff Frank Carone in his executive suite at Citi Field to sell them on the idea of a gaming complex in Willets Point, Bloomberg reported. Last year, Cohen donated $2 million to a political action committee to support Adams’ mayoral campaign and made an in-kind donation of $1,935 to Gov. Kathy Hochul’s gubernatorial campaign. He also cut a $67,100 check to Hochul while his wife added the maximum $69,700 contribution. 

Anyway the Mets are in first place so who cares about any of this?  Maybe the World Series parade can be held on the new hiking trail!

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