If the Wilpons did this: LOL Mets announce Amazin’ Deli Interactive Experience


FLUSHING, N.Y., September 27, 2022 – The New York Mets are excited to announce the installation of the Amazin’ Deli interactive experience….


….at Citi Field. This unique experience will allow fans the opportunity to take pictures in front of the set used for all promotional materials during the 2022 season. The Amazin’ Deli will be located behind section 131 in the left-field corner starting tonight.

Fans will have the unique opportunity to pose on the same set used by their favorite players. The set was built and designed by the New York Mets and Murmuration Inc. and was used as the backdrop for all promotional and scoreboard material during the 2022 season.

In addition to photos, fans can order the “October Special” and other Mets Postseason gear at the adjacent team store. Available for purchase from the deli counter in the store, the “October Special” is a one-of-a-kind Amazin’ Deli themed T-shirt. Both the T-shirt and a hoodie featuring a sketch of the deli will be exclusively available in the adjacent store.

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