Mets Legends sweatshirt makes odd decision by including Gary Carter

I saw this one on Facebook.  Facebook is where all the merchants with advanced official licensing go to sell their wares.  You know, the guys who somehow can get MLB/NHL/Disney slash Marvel and DC Comics to all agree to be on the same officially licensed t-shirt.

This one caught my eye.  It’s called Legends.

Tommie Agee. Nice.

Cleon Jones.  Nice.  I see we are going for a 1969 theme here.  Very good.

Tom Seaver looking kinda 1970s ish but OK.   The Franchise very nice.

Don Clendenon in the middle.  Nice aggressive choice.

Jerry Grote…yep one of the main guys from that era…awesome…..

and Gary Carter.

Gary Carter?  I mean surely a legend but why is he on this sweatshirt?   Maybe one with Grote, Piazza and whoever else you want to have, sure.

Maybe one with Seaver, Wright, Keith and Piazza…sure.

Maybe one with Mookie, Doc, Darryl and Keith….sure.

But why this one?




Hey Mets fans, let’s review last night’s Gary Apple Twitter

So the dashboard numbers tell me you all like Gary Apple content.  Maybe more than you like Gary Apple Play By Play but heyI love clicks so here’s some Gary Apple content for you.  Let’s take a look at the tweets.

First, a salient point.

Well said.  Gary is good at what HE does, which is not this.  I am not good at construction, so I hire a contractor.  I don’t wing it.  This is some combination of SNY being stupid or cheap.  Did you know/remember that Kevin Burkhardt is filling in on Rays games this summer (like 20).  Isn’t Josh Lewin underemployed and doing random fills?   Couldn’t we lock Ed Coleman in a booth with Jon Sadak and slide Wayne over?  What happened to Scott Braun?

The Yankees needed a fill-in and they got BOB COSTAS.   BOB COSTAS.  Bob.  Costas.   Hell at this point I’d even take a stunt and let Breuer sit there with Ron.  At least give us watchable TV.

This is NEW YORK CITY, I am sure we can find a sportscaster if we try.

And now on to the fun.

I LOVE Time Traveler jokes.

And what about when the video went out

This next one I actually did laugh out loud.

Mets Police Morning Laziness: SNY’s unwatchable winning Mets

SLACKISH REACTION:  10-8?  What the the hell happened?  I gave up really early as it was 7-0 and Gary Apple and Ron Darling made for some unwatchable television (sorry Ron).  The Mets, even winning, had an unwatchable product.  As I signed off on twitter, life is too short and I wasn’t going to waste time watching that. I assume we get Keith this weekend, let’s see if he can carry a telecast.

The Mets are two games back in the Wild Card.   Playoff tickets are on sale, which sounds like a joke I would make but nope PLAYOFF TICKETS ARE ON SALE to present ticket plan peeps.

Wags will not want to see how the folks he traded for Cano and Diaz are doing.

Congrats Pete Alonso on tying the NL rookie HR record, but if you think it is statistically normal that he with six weeks to go…..well you must have had your head in the sand in 1998.  No before you think I am making an accusation – I am – the BALL is juiced.  The ball flies like it never did before.  Baseball loves destroying its record book and history.  Quick – how many career HRs does Bonds have?  You sure?   How about Aaron and Ruth, I bet you are sure there.

Citi Field will host a hurling tournament!

If MLB is going to let the Mets hang out in the dugout out of uniform then the Mets might as well Wear The Caps on 9/11.

I tried to warn the A’s about Matt Harvey.  They did not listen.

Link: Those prospects the Mets dealt in the Cano-Diaz deal? They’re thriving for Seattle

Sure gonna be a lot of questions should the Mets find themselves not in the playoffs.  But for now, they have given us 60 extra games of baseball to enjoy so let’s just drink and be happy because tomorrow may never come.

132 Ks in 110 innings is good right?

Kelenic is hitting .298/.371/.532 with 17 home runs in 99 games and was just promoted from high-A to Double-A (he began the season in low-A). Dunn is 7-4 with a 3.66 ERA at Double-A Arkansas with 132 strikeouts and 32 walks in 110.2 innings.

Source: Those prospects the Mets dealt in the Cano-Diaz deal? They’re thriving for Seattle

Link: Citi Field to host hurling tournament | SportBusiness

Hmmm I guess this is fun.  I hope the t-shirt people go, but I hope they aren’t fools in their cap selection.   Click the link for details of this event that will be held in November.

The Irish sport of hurling will come to Citi Field in Queens, New York, home of Major League Baseball’s New York Mets, in November following a deal between Fenway Sports Management and Metropolitan Hospitality to stage a four-team tournament there.

Source: Citi Field to host hurling tournament | SportBusiness

Such a busy day here at MPHQ.  I still haven’t mentioned Howie making the NYS baseball HOF.