Mets cap has weird sidepatch

I like the idea of this cap.  The basic coloring is fine, but the line ruins it.

But what’s weirder is that patch…

Weird right?   Who goes out of heir way to want a side patch?


Come on Mets, hook us up with these road throwback jerseys

A friend of mine is stalking this on a local internet bidding based commerce site.

These would be neat for the Mets to break out for a road game.  I don’t know why they would or what the occasion would be, but I would might buy one.  There was a time when I would have 100% been in on something like this, but then Fanatics took over so there’s a good chance the jersey would retail for $339 which is a GFY price.   By the way Fanatics, did you sell all the Players Weekend stuff yet?   No?  Didn’t think so.

Mets Police Morning Laziness: Beaniegate, AAIMBR knows when World Series is, everyone Mahomes

Every blog and its mother will have this item…

Baseball is back baby: The Los Angeles Dodgers World Series ticket-punching 5-1 victory over the Milwaukee Brewers on in Game 7 of the National League Championship Series outslugged all others on TV on Saturday, scoring a 4.9 overnight rating on Fox Sports 1. (Via Deadline)

SLACKISH REACTION:  I went to a Sunday wedding and got home late.  I’m basically Buck Rogers waking up two days later and have no idea what happened in the world yesterday other than the Jets losing because their QB had a bad game.  Silly Jets fans.

THERE ARE SEVEN NEW BEANIES!!!   The Cardassian owned t-shirt company is trying to claim there are 10 new Mets beanies but there are clearly seven.  You can’t claim “youth” as a new design just like you can’t say Medium and Large are two designs.


NOT LINKING:  The guys at the AAIMBR went with “just one day from the World Series.”

Link -> Baseball Playoff Ratings Are Down: Blame the Yankees and Cubs | Hollywood Reporter

This article was written prior to last night’s game so it’s possible 300 million people watched last night.  Despite that possible outlier, your sport is dying.  Wake up.

Fox Sports is averaging 3.28 million viewers for the postseason so far, down 37 percent from 2017 — again, thanks in large part to the relative lack of major-market teams compared to a year ago. The average Nielsen market rank of the four cities in the AL Division Series last year — Boston, Houston, New York and Cleveland — was 9.25. For the National League this year (Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Denver and Atlanta) it’s 16, and the home markets encompass about 3.2 million fewer TV households.

Source: Baseball Playoff Ratings Are Down: Blame the Yankees and Cubs | Hollywood Reporter

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