Here’s the Mets N E W Y O R K 9-11 home jerseys on the field

These need a name.  I have temporarily started calling these “New York Strong” jerseys because of the Boston Strong inspiration….I am sure there is a better name for them.

Also it’s good to see that after two decades someone solved the first responder cap dilemma.  We put a man on the moon in 7 years after Kennedy made the speech – but hey we finally can retire the #wearthecaps hashtag.

mets 9-11 uniforms

These jerseys would look better without the drop shadow.  It just muddles the look.  Look how dark everything looks in the photo above.



Matt Harvey out for the rest of the year

Orioles Manager Brandon Hyde shared that Matt Harvey is out for the year with a knee thingamajig.

As I have said in previous posts, as the world’s foremost Matt Harvey expert I can tell you his was better than his numbers and he is definitely a useful back end of the rotation starter.  He took every turn until now and I believe was leading the Orioles in innings.  Long time Mets Police readers know my philosophy on 5th starters is I don’t care if you win or not, I just need you to eat innings.

Matt had a few 5+ starts in the middle of the season.  The trick is that he needs a manager who can see the meltdowns coming.

I wouldn’t start him in a game I cared about, but if you are the 2022 Orioles coming off a 110 loss season, he’s probably not the worst choice for a 5 starter on the cheap.  Someone has to pitch those innings, and the relationship was good for Matt, good for the Orioles, and good for bloggers who live in the eastern time zone.

Have a good off-season Matt!