LOL Backward Mets Stencil on mound

Good eyes here by young apprentice Niko.  (Yessss….gooooood Aniko.)

Steve, get your brand in order.

Sterling or Scully: one dimensional player hits HR

My timeline lit up after this.

Guys, we know Pete will hit a home run every 5 or 6 days.  He will hit another one on Wednesday.  The issue is what happens in the 23 at bats where he doesn’t homer.

Anyway, let’s take a listen.

This is nothing but cheese.   The Polar Bear thing isn’t natural at all.  There can only be one ruling.

Verdict:  Sterling

The Losers: Foolish Mets not preparing team correctly yet again

Fools will say this is no big deal but I say it is a huge deal.

My question:  Why is Dom Smith the DH today?

The Mets’ (foolish) plan is to play Dom Smith out of position all summer.  Does it not make sense to get him as many reps under game conditions as possible?  Wouldn’t it be wise to get these reps in games that don’t count?

If Dom is not up to standing on grass for two hours on March 4th, then he really had a terrible off-season.

The Mets are OFF tomorrow.  Surely Dom can stand in LF and get more experience seeing how the ball leaves the bat.

Do we really need to see Lee AND Ferguson?   Can’t one of them come in for Nimmo after two ABs?

This negligence in preparing the team goes back decades.  Years ago, the Mets were toying with the idea of playing Mike Piazza at 1B.  Did they use the entire spring to get Mike some reps at 1B?  He could have gotten 30 games in.   Nope, they barely tried him there.  And the experiment failed.

Today Dom will sit on the bench and watch other guys field.

I openly question if Luis Rojas is the right man to manage this team.

Last year, he was spotted the Cy Young and a guy who had hit 53 HRs.  All he had to do to make an 8 team playoffs was win 29 games like the Brewers did.  29 of 60.   The Mets of course failed – and very much overlooked WERE A LAST PLACE TEAM.

How is any of this acceptable, Steve?

Will the beat question the lineup?  Of course not.  Luis is a nice guy who is friendly with them.  And that relationship lasts until – like the previous manager – you lose your cool one time and yell at someone in the hallway.  Then you get run out of town.  (Unless there were other reasons – and if so, who knew, when did they know, who did they tell and how did that person react – all questions that go unasked and unanswered.)

Why is Dom Smith the DH?  Because the Mets are losers.



MLB to announce annual Lou Gehrig Day

ESPN is reporting MLB will announce an annual  Lou Gehrig Day today.   This is cool.

I do wonder why they are choosing June 2, the anniversary of Lou’s death, as opposed to June 19, his birthday…or even July 4.

Major League Baseball will hold a sport-wide Lou Gehrig Day starting this season, honoring the Hall of Fame New York Yankees first baseman whose grace and courage fighting amyotrophic lateral sclerosis inspired a group of those affected by the disease to make June 2 synonymous with him.

The plans, revealed to ESPN and expected to be announced by MLB on Thursday morning, include an annual tribute in which uniformed personnel will wear a jersey patch celebrating Gehrig and a “4-ALS” logo — commemorating his No. 4 — will be displayed around stadiums. The league will use the occasion to raise money and awareness to battle ALS and pay homage to ALS advocacy groups like the LG4Day committee, which turned an off-handed text into a cause that will bring together the sport.  (Via ESPN)

@mediagoon is on his way to Modell’s to be first in line to get a jersey with a 4 patch.