No SNY isn’t being cool showing you Diaz

Guys, guys, guys. tap the brakes and come to your senses

Apparently SNY (channel 11) showed Diaz walking in last night and everyone thought it was cool

Now while it may have been a cool experience, and apparently a lot of you thought it was, let’s remember something.

SNY almost definitely isn’t just doing this to be cool. They have unsold inventory and they decided not to run filler

If you watch games you will notice that a lot of the things that air during the commercial breaks are not commercials.

Believe me, if they could band money filling that spot with four ads they would. But it appears to me that the game was undersold so they were able to free up that break, so they did.

Which brings me to a larger point. If baseball isn’t selling out the games of a first place team in New York City, then maybe there is too much commercial inventory available. Since pace of play is an issue, why not shorten the breaks?

Finally, you guys are funny how you all love Diaz now. Was he not part of the Cano deal? Was he not disliked when he first got here? He’s yet another example of if you play well then all is forgiven. Like Lindor and so many others.

Mets Old Timers’ Day 2022, way too late, but looking great

The Mets possibly tried to hide the Old Timers’ Day rosters from me (they send me lots of things, like Hall of Famers hawking alcohol) but they didn’t send me this.  However, there is no stopping Mets Police and I have acquired this pretty impressive roster!

There was a time, about a decade ago, where I would have thought this was the greatest thing ever and I would have been the first on line.  But, as with so many things in Queens, the Wilpon Mets waited too long, and then the Cohen Mets decided to let Pete be vulgar and bring back black uniforms, and MLB decided to have 4 hour games with openers….and so, I no longer care.

Yeah this is cool.  Oh look Murphy and Mazzilli and John Stearns.  I guess I will tape it if SNY bothers to air it.  On the other hand, I still haven’t bothered to watch the Keith Hernandez ceremony, something else they waited too long for.

So good job Mets, better late than never, but way too late and someone else can enjoy it.  I’ll be doing something else.  I was at the last one anyway.

Ten bucks if someone puts a first responder cap on Joe Torre.

Followup: did Cooperstown whore out Tom Seaver’s image for maybe like $209?

I’m very used to screaming in the wind while you guys all roll with everything being fine as long as the Mets win (Lindor? We love that guy!), so this is nothing new to me.

Back on August 3rd I asked if the Mets (and presumably owner billion Steve Cohen) were OK with whoring out Tom Seaver’s likeness for a “Digital Collectible”

Nobody cared….the money is green…the Mets are on a winning streak…..

But I thought I’d follow up.  So I visited Digital Collectible Company’s Website – and here’s what I saw.

Now let’s break this down….

If you visit the site to which I shall not link, you will find there are different degrees of Digital Collectibles.  I don’t understand it all, some are “CORE” (like this one) and some are “rare” (cough) and whatever….

(From the website:  Each of the featured 30 players in the 2022 Hall of Fame Icon Series will have distinct versions and ICON rarities (Core, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary) available for fans to collect and trade)

Let’s look at this gem of a digital collectible…just one of 700!   And this one is number 20.  Of 700.  And still available.

So, am I to assume they sell these in numerical order?  Which suggests they sold at most 19?   And while the prices appear to be variable, not all digital collectibles are priced the same (I saw some for $4) let’s use the $11 price point here – I concede I am using VERY fuzzy math now – but just for discussion….11 times 19 is….


Now who knows how the money is split.  Are the Seavers getting a cut?  Is Cooperstown?  The Digital Company?

The original press release, on the Hall of Fame’s website, says (the company) “a next generation digital collectibles company, and the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum today announced a new partnership that establishes (the company) as the Museum’s official licensee of digital collectibles.”

Perhaps MLB and the Mets aren’t part of this one.  (Although I did learn of this from the @mets twitter account, which suggests either the Mets or MLB, if not both, are involved.)   That said, the press release does say the company is “is an official digital collectible partner” of MLB and the MLBPA.

So maybe the Mets and Steve aren’t getting a cut of this, which is a shame because $292 into the MLB Central Fund, divided by 30 teams could have netted Steve almost seven dollars before taxes!

What are we even doing baseball?  What are we even doing?

Anyway the Mets have won 8 of their last 10 so shut up, stop asking questions,     Seaver’s dead, you got your statue, cheer Lindor, hit the casino, go for a walk on the new hiking trails, mind your own business, and cash the checks from fools that buy digital collectibles.

Cool billionaire just wants you to be able to go hiking near his new Queens casino!

The Push to Build a Casino in Manhattan Could Turn Out to be a House of Cards

The Commercial Observer wrote about the various casino proposals and shared this gem:

Cohen has also emphasized broader plans to build hiking trails near Flushing Creek and redevelop the area around Willets Point, an industrial area filled with auto body repair shops that has long been on mayoral to-do lists.

See, it’s not about getting richer off the backs of working class fools who think they can beat the house, this is about building hiking trails for YOU.  Wouldn’t you love to hike through the beautiful meadows of Flushing, along the waterfront?  You would love that.

The Commercial Observer reminds us..

In January, Cohen hosted Mayor Eric Adams and Adams’ chief of staff Frank Carone in his executive suite at Citi Field to sell them on the idea of a gaming complex in Willets Point, Bloomberg reported. Last year, Cohen donated $2 million to a political action committee to support Adams’ mayoral campaign and made an in-kind donation of $1,935 to Gov. Kathy Hochul’s gubernatorial campaign. He also cut a $67,100 check to Hochul while his wife added the maximum $69,700 contribution. 

Anyway the Mets are in first place so who cares about any of this?  Maybe the World Series parade can be held on the new hiking trail!