GKR are wearing ties without jackets! WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

What happened to the suits?  Do they know we’re onto them?

Super Positive Mets Game Notes!

Only positive things today!

Edwin Díaz is 2-1 with four saves, a 1.71 ERA (four earned runs/21.0 innings) with 11 walks and 45 strikeouts…Since August 1, Díaz owns a 0.96 ERA (two earned runs/18.2 innings) with 40 strikeouts…His 45 strikeouts are tied for the most among major league relievers and the most in the NL…His 19.29 strikeouts per 9 IP is the best mark in the majors…He has at least one strikeout in 20 of 21 games and two or more strikeouts in 15 of those 21 contests…Díaz has struck out 144 over the last two seasons…He has struck out 45 of the 89 batters he’s faced (50.6%) this year!

J.D. Davis went 3-4 with two runs, two doubles, a home run and three RBI last night…He has collected multiple hits in back-to-back games…Davis is batting .308/.400/.519 with 10 runs, five doubles, two home runs, seven RBI and a .919 OPS in 14 games this month…Davis owns a .310/.426/.512 slash line in 24 road games!

Reigning Rookie of the Year Pete Alonso had 63 home runs in his first 200 career games, two more than any other player in major league history!

Michael Conforto has hit 13 home runs at this ballpark, his highest total outside of Citi Field…Jeff McNeil owns a .394/.434/.549 career slash line with eight runs, six doubles, a triple, a home run, six RBI and four walks in 19 games at Citizens Bank Park…Wilson Ramos has hit .305/.349/.468 with 21 runs, 10 doubles, a triple, eight home runs, 38 RBI and 14 walks in 65 career games at the yard…Dominic Smith is a .309/.390/.618 lifetime hitter in 23 career games at the ballpark!

Why are GKR suddenly wearing suits? WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

Scully, look at this!

Yes Mulder, that’s Keith, Ron and Gary.  They do the Mets games.

Look what they are wearing Scully.

I think they look very nice.

Why are they wearing suits Scully?

I don’t follow Mulder.  You seem extra crazy today.

Scully, all summer they have been dressing like this…

…and now suddenly the last two nights they are wearing suits.

It has been colder Mulder.

OR….are they trying to look nice for Steve Cohen.

Mulder, why would they need to look nice for Steve Cohen?

I don’t know Scully…but GKR wore polos all summer, then Monday night we hear Steve is buying the team, and that he wants SNY too, and now GKR are wearing suits every night.

This may be even crazier than the Donuts Conspiracy Mulder.

Perhaps Scully, perhaps.


Thanks to Cory for putting this on my radar.  I do love a good conspiracy.

Does anyone even read this site?  It’s quite insane today but I am entertaining myself.



Mets use throwback cap in Donuts ad WHAT DOES IT MEAN????

Scully, look at this!

Yes Mulder, we all know you like the Donuts Chain. I thought you were mad at them because you helped promote them a few years ago and the person you were interacting with teased you with a possible ad-buy on your website and then as soon as they were done promoting what they wanted you never heard from the Donuts Chain Rep again and she stopped returning your calls.

Let’s not get distracted Scully. Look at the cap.

Its a Mets cap Mulder.

Yes but look at the squatcho. It’s BLUE.


Why would the Mets use a blue squatcho when they have had orange squatchos for years Scully? It’s a throwback cap.

Mulder, I’m sure the people at the Donuts Chain Advertising Agency don’t read Uni Watch and just grabbed the first Mets cap they saw.

I don’t know Scully…I’m calling Lukas to get to the bottom of this…

You’re crazy Mulder.

Perhaps Scully, perhaps.


By the way, I love that as I type this the tweet (the Mets one) has one response and it is…

LOL.  Sounds like me killing Pete Alonso…or Lyin’ Todd Frazier himself.  Seems like the Magic Beans that were in Todd’s bat have disappeared….right after some blogger pointed out the Magic Beans and involved the name of Whitey Herzog….hey it’s ANOTHER CONSPIRACY


The One True Ace goes for his 3rd Cy Young Award Mets Game Notes

Vulgar Pete Alonso ranks second in the majors with 69 plate appearances with runners in scoring position…

Leads MLB with 101 men left on base.

101?  We’re only playing 60 games guys.

I have no idea what the leader in 2019 did – I tried to look it up but couldn’t easily find it.  I am sure we can all agree 101 is horrific.  It’s like he’s a net negative.  Isn’t that right Gary?

By the way I’d like to thank Gary Cohen for following me and taking me up on my invitation last night to actually talk about how bad Pete has been.  Sure he homers sometimes, but there’s a lot of garbage in between, isn’t that right Ike Davis Cowboy?

Ike Davis Cowboy meme returns

Pete Alonso | INF | .216, 11 HR, 26 RBI, 0 SB

Now before you all get mad at me, let’s switch to Jacob deGrom.  You may recall that while you were all calling Matt Harvey “The Next Seaver” I was calling JDG The One True Ace.  And time has revealed that I of course was correct.  Isn’t that right Captain Picard?

Now tell me Picard. How many aces do you see?

Since the Mets once again suck the only thing we have are JDG’s last three starts.  Let’s hope he crushes them and wins another CYA.

LAST TIME OUT: Made his ninth start of the season on September 11 vs. Toronto in Buffalo…He earned his fourth win as he allowed an earned run on three hits with two walks and struck out nine in 6.0 innings.

BATS BACK JAKE: The Mets have scored 32 runs in deGrom’s last two starts, including at least 14 in each game…Only once before in Mets history has the team scored 14 or more in consecutive starts by the same pitcher: Sid Fernandez, June 1 (14-1 win vs. SF) & June 6 (15-1 win at PIT) in 1992…New York is 11-2 in deGrom’s last 13 starts, dating to September 9, 2019…In that time, deGrom himself is 7-1 with a 1.21 ERA (11 earned runs/82.0 innings) with 114 strikeouts and just 15 walks…Prior to this stretch, the Mets had just 11 wins in his previous 29 starts, despite deGrom posting a 2.64 ERA in that span.

ON deLEADERBOARD: deGrom ranks second in the majors and leads the NL with a 1.67 ERA, is tied for fourth in the majors and tied for second in the NL with 79 strikeouts and is third in the majors and second in the NL with a 13.17 strikeouts per nine innings ratio and ranks second in the majors and leads the NL with a 37.8% strikeout rate…Both his K/9 and K% would smash Mets single- season records.

VS. PHILADELPHIA: deGrom has allowed just three earned runs in his last five starts vs. the Phillies…In that time (since start of 2018), he owns a 0.84 ERA (three earned runs/32.0 innings) against the club…That is the third-lowest mark by any pitcher against any one opponent over the last three years (min. 25.0 innings)… Patrick Corbin has a 0.59 ERA (2 ER/30.1 IP) vs. the Dodgers and David Hess has a 0.83 ERA (3 ER/32.2 IP) against the Blue Jays.

THREE UNDER TWO: Jacob deGrom has a 2.01 ERA (106 earned runs/475.0 innings) over the last three seasons…Elias says there are just four pitchers in the live-ball era (since 1920) who have maintained an ERA below 2.00 over a span of three seasons (min. 400.0 innings)…Clayton Kershaw (2013-16) and Sandy Koufax (1963-66) each had two overlapping three-year stretches…Bob Gibson (1967-69) and Greg Maddux (1993-95) have also done it.

NOTABLE STREAK: He is 6-0 with a 1.82 ERA (17 earned runs/84.0 innings) over his last 13 road starts…This is deGrom’s longest streak of road starts without taking a loss in his career (previous best was 10 in a row from June 25, 2015- April 24, 2016)…Only two Mets have gone more than 13 starts in a row without losing a game on the road: Dwight Gooden (15-straight, July 10, 1987-May 21, 1988) and Ron Darling (15, July 7, 1985-May 21-1986).

YOU CAN HAVE A COUPLE, BUT THAT’S ALL: deGrom has limited his foe to two earned runs or fewer in 13 consecutive starts, the longest streak of his career…Only one Mets pitcher has started more games in a row without yielding three or more earned runs: Dwight Gooden, who had 15 such starts in a row from August 20, 1985-May 6, 1986.

ON deROAD: Since the start of 2018, deGrom owns a 2.05 ERA (50 earned runs/220.0 innings) in away games, by far the best mark in the majors in that span…He is the only pitcher (min. 150.0 innings) with a road ERA under 2.50 over the last three seasons.

JAKKKKKKKKKKE: Has 44 career double-digit strikeout games…Only Nolan Ryan (50) and Randy Johnson (45) have had more through 180 career games.

ONE (OR NONE) AND DONE: In his 180 career starts, deGrom has allowed one or no runs 85 times (47.2 percent)…That is the most such starts since 1901 within a pitcher’s first 180 career games…Clayton Kershaw is second with 80.