Wilpons Fail Again….Wilpons Fail to make Worst Owners In Sports list

Yahoo has a Worst Owners In Sports list...and the stupid cheap Wilpons didn’t even make the list!  Can you believe it?

I was also surprised to see the Steinbrenners did not make the list.  Since George died, the Yankees have yet to appear in the World Series.  All that while  playing in Market 1, in a pretty new stadium, and yet they won’t spend on Harper and Machado.  When will Manfred Do Something?


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Good News Bad News: Mets staying in Port St. Lucie until 2042

I was kinda hoping the Mets would move as they are not close to that many teams and let’s face it, Arizona Spring Training is 8 billion times better. Oh well, now they are stuck until EVEN AFTER BONILLA ISN’T BEING PAID!!!! How old will I be in 2042….hmmmmm I don’t think I want to know…

Here are a few details if you care.

Also look how excited the community is….to be fair not sure I could be bothered to attend such a hearing…but wow this looks exciting.


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Pondering the idea of Mets MLB Pride Weekend

I’ve written about this before, but I think it would be cool if MLB had a league wide Pride Weekend

I poked around the internet to see if there were Pride Night fashion jerseys and I am not really seeing any.

The Mets have had a few Pride Nights for fans and from there some related merch..

And I did see this on Lids or someplace

But to me these designs make me think there could be something better.

These two below work better than the above as the rainbow pops more.

What if MLB were to do  league wide Pride caps and jerseys along side Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, America Efff Yeah Day, All Star, All Star BP, and Home Run Derby, Little League Day, Spring Training merch, BP merch, St. Patrick’s Day and Money Grab Day?   The above template might be a good start.

As a straight man, I don’t have a sense of if the rainbow is the best thing to do, or if it has become just-what-you-do like all the green merch for St. Patrick’s Day has become.  I asked on twitter, and didn’t get much feedback, but the small response I got was that rainbow is the move.

So I called my buddy Anthony and asked him.  The last thing I would want to do is make a suggestion about merch and then find out that although I might mean well, I was actually being foolish.

Anthony said rainbow is cool…and really liked how the Boston cap looks and the trick was to not overdo it and to be tasteful.  Like that Boston cap…or I guess like the soccer kits below.   (I didn’t ask him about those).

I know MLS did a Pride Night, and the Red Bulls wore Pride Jerseys (although I can’t find any evidence on the internet) – and the national teams did…

So I think it would be cool to have MLB Pride Night.  Something to think about on a Winters’ Day.  Baseball merch should be inclusive not exclusive.  I think everyone can agree on that.



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Mets Police Morning Laziness: Whole Squad Ready And Lit!

SLACKISH REACTION:  I’m struggling with this team right now.  I can’t take all the hype….I actually forgot Mickey Callaway existed until they put him on display yesterday. All the marketing has been around the GM (weird, right?) – just like last winter was all about Mickey Hodges…..and yeah the new GM is so so groovy…….and the whole thing with The 7 Line is such a turn off, especially the dismissiveness of it and how it can’t even be discussed.  Not feeling any of it.

I’m also not feeling the overuse of the word Squad which appears in just above every tweet the Mets do.  Stop – that’s not bringing anyone into the sport @mets.

Blah blah for the city and the fans blah blah…this is actually the exact same answer my Created Player gives in NBA2K.  I know it’s supposed to be inspiring, but it actually has the opposite effect of making my eyeroll….

Oh yeah, Dilson Herrera is back. You can never have enough guys to play second base.

You guys didn’t tell me Daniel Murphy is wearing #9 for the Rockies.  NINE?

Matt Harvey is Fully Clear.

The Spring Training march is HORRIFIC

It’s the Mount Rushmore of Mets Announcers

ICYMI the All Presidents Mets team

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Report: Matt Harvey is Fully Cleared

The OC Register reports that

Pitcher Matt Harvey, who suffered a strained glute during the first workout last week, has resumed throwing a few days ahead of schedule. Although Harvey isn’t ready to get back on the mound, he’s been “fully cleared,” Ausmus said.

This is good news for all Matt Harvey fans as its no fun to see Matt Harvey inactive.   We want Matt on the mound so we can have Max Fun….

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