Mets Police Morning Laziness: Mad Dog is right about Vulgar Pete

Chris “Mad Dog” Russo understands statistical outliers and why teams should be very wary of them:

During his Mets’ critique, Russo said Alonso “is not hitting 50 homers again” and that the team will have to figure out where it “will pick up a little of his offense.” (via NY Post)

Mr. Alonso’s response was simply, “Fuel.”

The Mets will play a game at the Naval Academy on March 24th but you can’t go.

SLACKISH REACTION:  Everyone is all giddy that there are Spring Training games tomorrow.  I was like that once, over 30 years ago – but we didn’t have the ineternet then, or Playstation 4s, or a wife and kids (well older people had those), so some Fake Baseball was nice.  But here in the Roaring Twenties, there’s plenty to do.  So set a season pass for Mets, go live your life, and around 10:30pm fire up the DVR and watch JDG (or whoever) throw an inning and then see how long you last until Gelbzzz is telling some boring story about how number 84 hopes to make the team.

Since you won’t listen to me, here is a nice unified broadcast schedule for the Spring.



You do not need a Mets seersucker cap

New Era has completely lost their minds.  Now there are “Black Label” caps and this one is seersucker.  Just stop.

Also that crown is 11 feet high and the brim flatter than the Mets World Series Championships total.


Wayne Randazzo’s Unified Mets 2020 Spring Training Broadcast Schedule (Where to Watch or Listen to the Mets)

Wayne not only is currently ranked as the second best play by play guy in all of New York City baseball, TV and radio (Howie Rose is #1 and yeah that other guy you are thinking of is 3rd….he has gotten lazy) – Wayne has made this handy dandy schedule.

OTOH I remind you life is short and you should do things on the weekend other than watch a guy wearing number 85 play against a guy wearing number 71….and of course listening to baseball on the radio has been ruled out forever due to WOR’s malfeasance with the WAHwah (not WCBS’ crime but… too bad, I moved on) and the MLB App’s loud commercials.    Sorry baseball, you broke the sacred bonds and I moved on without you.

That said, if you do for some reason choose to listen to a baseball game, Wayne and Howie are pretty great at it, and here’s a schedule that includes them and Gary, Other Gary, Keith and Ron.

Mets Police Morning Laziness: not particularly interested in any of it

SLACKISH REACTION:  Oh great, Steve Cohen is in the news again.   The short version is he wants SNY and the team and might just right a big check and doesn’t wanna get involved with the Wilpons.  Whatever.  I personally keep hearing that MLB might not approve him anyway…but I am very bored with the subject.

I’m also particularly not interested in the “the union visited and Michael Conforto talked tough” storyline. Look, I hope this whole thing goes nuclear and the entire 2021 season gets canceled.   Whatever.

Boy, what kind of blog is this if I am not interested in any of the topics and I want the sport to shut down.  Lol.  What has this team and sport done to me?

A 27 to nothing XFL game drew 2,127,000 viewers last weekend.   An Astros-Rays game in the ALDS drew 958,000.

I heard Bill Simmons talking about the idea of the NBA starting around Christmas (or Thanksgiving) and pushing their playoffs into July and August.  Now that’s probably an awesome idea and would really take away what little spotlight baseball gets.   As I like chaos, I am in favor of this move.  Also would get the NBA out of the NFL’s shadow.

Might make sense for the NBA to try to grab Black Friday which I think is some super-cool real estate to be had.   Maybe you make that NBA Opening Day and stack 4 big time games on TV.

IF MATT HARVEY DID THIS:  The Big Zero gave his teammates some attire from his apparel line.  Now imagine Matt Harvey showed up and was like, “Hey guys, I brought you all some TDK swag.”  He’d get destroyed.   The Big Zero is going to be a problem (as is Vulgar Pete).   I know these aren’t popular opinions but I don’t care and I am always right.  You’ll come around.   Like you did on Matt, who you didn’t want to trade for Mookie Betts.