Beware of Fake Mets Lineups! Game Notes for April 6, 2021

There is an account called “New York Mets” who made a graphic suggesting Dom Smith would be tonight’s RFer.  Clearly that is a a FAKE LINEUP (since deleted).   Dom Smith will be the LEFT fielder.

You should only use Lineup-Safe Lineups (TM) provided by Mets Police.  Here is the CORRECT lineup for tonight.

1. Brandon Nimmo CF

2. Francisco Lindor SS

3. Michael Conforto RF

4. Pete Alonso 1B

5. Dominic Smith LF

6. J.D. Davis 3B

7. Jeff McNeil 2B

8. James McCann C

9. Marcus Stroman P


I don’t know who “New York Mets” tweeting from @mets are, but they cannot be trusted as a reliable Mets lineup source.  I get the lineup from METS INSIDERS so you know you can trust me.

Marcus Stroman will make his first regular- season start since 2019…The right-hander opted out of the 2020 season…but now that Covid has been completely eradicated he has no problem pitching, plus he has a new contract.   His last start came on September 27, 2019 at Citi Field vs. Atlanta…In that game, he struck out eight batters in a quality start (6.0 IP, 6 H, 2 ER).  Zero is not a proper baseball uniform number.

Jacob deGrom recorded the first hit for the Mets last night… It was the first time in franchise history that a pitcher recorded the team’s first hit of the season…Prior to deGrom, Edinson Vólquez was the last pitcher to record a team’s first hit of the season when he singled in the third inning for the Marlins on Opening Day, April 3, 2017 in Washington D.C…Courtesy of Elias.

deGrom finished 2-3 with an RBI last night…The Mets pitching staff led the National League and were second in the majors with a .167 (52-311) batting average in 2019…Only the Oakland Athletics (.286) had a higher mark…Mets’ pitchers hit six home runs in 2019, which also led the majors.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that Citi Field will be allowed to open at 20 percent capacity (capped at 8,492 seats)…Fans must provide a negative COVID-19 test or proof of vaccination (both doses of Pfizer and Moderna or one dose of Johnson & Johnson) in order to gain admission…Seats will be sold in pod format in clusters ranging from one to six seats…Each location will be separated from other pods by at least six feet…The Mets are committed to keeping fans safe at Citi Field…All fans must present tickets on their mobile device and face masks will be required for fans two years and older except when actively eating or drinking…Fans must use a credit/debit card or mobile payment methods for concession purchases to limit touchpoints as cash purchases will not be accepted in the parking lots, ticket windows, concession or retail stands…Citi Field staff members will clean and disinfect high-touch areas throughout the game.

Pete Alonso Last Game: 1-4, R, BB, 2 K, 0 HR.

Mets’ Rojas Must Go

ICYMI I was clear on twitter BEFORE the game that Rojas must go.  If nothing else he missed an 8 team playoff, which is statistically unlikely…..then didn’t start Dom Smith because Reasons….and then took deGrom out because reasons.

“We saw more positives than the negatives even though we lost the game,” said Rojas (via NY Post)

The Mets are 2.5 games back with 161 to play.

SHAME: @MLB Beat reporter Anthony DiComo spoiled the @Mets final for fans

I’m going to war over this this year.

As more and more fans cut the cord, twitter is going to need to install a “delay all tweets” feature so that fans aren’t bombed by spoilers.  My prediction is that it will be Thursday Night Football moving to Amazon that will force the hand,.

But baseball I have a bone to pick with you.  Tonight, your beat reporter Anthony DiComo tweeted the final result of the Mets game AHEAD of the telecast.  The game ended with Pete Alonso flying out pretty deep.  It was a fun moment for those of who were not spoiled, but for some reason DiComo felt the need to IMMEDIATELY post his final score.

So let me ask you and Anthony this….

Who is the audience for his tweet?

Is it for Mets fans who don’t watch Mets games but need to have instant finals?  These people that don’t watch Mets games can’t wait twenty seconds to get a result?

I don’t follow Anthony for this very reason.  You should scold him.  I encourage fans to pass this post around to publicly shame him until he stops.

Mets owner Steve Cohen: I can take the heat

I’m hanging on to this one in case Steve ever quits twitter again, perhaps after a losing streak or something.  Or maybe getting caught up in an awkward situation where there;s a battle between a board member or an airline or something.  I can imagine all sorts of things potentially happening.

“Nothing surprises me,’’ Cohen said. “Listen, fans are emotional. They’re passionate. They wear their emotions on their sleeve.

“That comes with the territory. That comes with being owner of the New York Mets. I can take the heat. I’m pretty seasoned, I can handle it.’’ (Via USA Today)

ROJAS MUST GO! Dom Smith not in Mets Opening Day lineup

Even if it comes out an hour from now that Dom is sick/sad/personal crisis/etc I still think Rojas should go.  I just want to be on the record with 162 games to go.

Luis Rojas missed an 8 team playoff last season.  Unacceptable.  Steve, Sandy and the two GMs should have made a change.