Let’s rank the 2019 Mets Outfielders

Here’s a fun game.    Let’s rank the Mets Outfielders.  Wags says the OF is not a priority right now so I guess we’re all set.  I’m using Mets Depth Chart for my research.

 1.  Yoenis Cespedes!   He can carry a team on his back to the World Series (with some help from Murph).  Too bad he is likely out for the year.

2.  Michael Conforto!   He used to have to beg for playing time, but I think we now know he is a legit Major Leaguer, and our best active OFer.   

3.  Brandon Nimmo.   Look at all this home grown talent!  Hopefully the Sophomore Jinx doesn’t get him.

4.  Juan Lagares.  Nobody mentioned Defensive Runs Saved around here for like 5 years although one summer you’d have sworn it was the new OPS.  Juan is a nice solid 4th OFer.  The problem is he’s the 3rd OFer.

Ummmm, er….

5.  Kyle Broxton.   I’m told he makes Lagares look like ME playing CF.  Also his name is Keon not Kyle.  Did you even catch that mistake?   Well he hit .179 last season and if you ever needed proof that WAR is an asinine “stat” Broxton had a higher WAR than Murph last season.  OK.

6.  Jeff McNeil.  Jeff is not even an outfielder, but he is one now!  I am glad Wags isn’t just hoping for the best.  Hojo, Keith Miller, and Murph say hi.

Is this some kind of fracking joke?  (said in low stern whisper)

No Admiral, thats our actual outfield.

What am I supposed to if someone needs a day off Mr. Gaeta?

I guess you play McNeil out there sir.

MCNEIL?!   Even in the minors McNeil only has 8 games out there.  This is reckless.

Admiral, Colonel Tigh is on the line, he’d like to talk to you about first base.



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Mets Police Morning Laziness: blogger uses Tebow Invited To Major League Camp By Mets to get clicks!

SLACKISH REACTION:  Slow start this morning and I had to deal with the snow and I am coming down with a touch of…..The Virus!

Today’s “news” is all silly.  Apparently WCBS announced stuff we all know lie Howie Rose will be the play by play guy and Wayne doing color.  I’m not wasting your time…

I guess we could all obsess over who the Mets invited to Spring Training, including Peter Alonso the 2019 MVP, The Last Prospect Andres Giminez and



Now we can all get upset that Tebow is taking away ABs in the 7th inning of split squad games.  Whatever, let the media have their circus instead of asking Wags why he signed two 2Bs. two closers, but no real third Ofer and no safety net at 1B other than Peter MVP Alonso who won’t even make the camp out of Spring Training.  Ask the questions guys.

Gooden said something about deGrom in an AMA but I am so bored with Gooden Anything after all these years I can’t even be bothered to look at it to NOT LINKING it for you.  I’m sure the AAIMBR has seven articles about it, plus a review of last year’s catchers or whatever it is they do over there.


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Mets Dysfunction captured in one tweet

Hey that’s great and all, but YOU JUST BROUGHT IN CANO FOR 5 YEARS.

Bragging that you have a great second baseman who isn’t Cano is……insane*

* – I am not an expert in determining if someone is insane or not, but seems insane to me.

Anyway, can never have enough second baseman or closers.  You can definitely not have enough OFers, I can show you an example of a team with such a roster if you’re interested.

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The Long Con: the plan to play McNeil in the Mets outfield.

The good looking man in the nice suits has people fooled.

We were told that the days of hoping for the best were over.

It was very exciting to bring in a Big Name. The big name is 36 and coming off a PED suspension.  And he has a long contract.

Then a second closer was brought in even though the spin was that the first deal was really about bringing in a closer and the 36 year old coming off a PED suspension was the add-on.  Yeah, ok.

Now, another member of the bromance team has joined the party.  A second second baseman.   Who is going to play every day at Position Du Jour.   OK fine, he’s a legit player and probably better than what’s been at 3B anyway.

All this distracts from the big news of yesterday.

The Mets plan to play Jeff McNeil in the outfield.  What happened to not hoping for the best?  In the somewhat-long history of the Mets, how many infielders have been sent to the OF only for it to be a disaster?

This is not a plan, this is hoping for the best.

Meanwhile, who is playing first base? I know many of you think the Mets are going to start Alonso beginning Opening Day (they’re not) and that you think Alonso is going to win the Triple Crown. That’s not a plan, that’s hoping for the best. That’s hoping a kid comes up and is awesome.  Dom Smith says hi.

This is Same Old Mets. Sure,  the Same Old Mets with slightly more depth thanks to Lowrie, and an upgrade at C, but this is also a Mets team with a GM that is talking about Broxton like he’s an All Star.

Jeff is being fooled by the new dog and pony show. “Come get us” sounds great in January, until you realize you’re playing a 27 year old infielder with two months of experience in the OF and there is no first baseman.

The press conferences are fun and all.  Talking smack creates a shirt term high.  Hope for the best – because the window is closing.

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