Let’s talk Minneapolis Millers caps for a second

Hat Club is selling these.

Surely you can see the influence of the major league affiliate New York Giants there.  Kinda of interesting to see the curls on letters other than Ns and Ys…and probably would have been a much better way for The T-Shirt Guy to go for his M caps instead of this monstrosity…

…which always reminded me of a Pac-Man ghost.


Mets Police Morning Laziness: Playoff tickets back on sale

SLACKISH REACTION:  I am finding that the combination of my long trip followed by the Mets being out West has totally broken me from caring about this collection of Mets at all.  Maybe the 4pm start today will get me back in as I can watch it on the deck under the umbrella.  I kind of like being not attached to this iteration as it will allow me to book some dates for my comedy tour.

After a rough Friday night, people were all excited about the Mets again!  I even got told on twitter that I complain too much!  (Because I thought Gary did an awful call on the Dom Smith HR).  You know things are good in Queens when I am “too negative.”

There is no Mets news today, nothing to link too.  Plenty of NOT LINKING as the AAIMBR works out trades in their heads and takes time to type them up.

Continue to take my advice that summers are short.  Enjoy sunny days and do something else instead of worrying about the Mets.   (My plan includes being outside, even if I do watch the Mets out there, I will be sort of watching the Mets).

Gil Must Go: we can put a Man on the Moon but Terrific can’t beat Les Expos

Finally this season is coming around and starting to make sense.  Kooz is getting the wins he deserves, and Mr. Terrific is coming back to earth (unlike Neil and the gang!)

I mean 4 runs in 2 innings against a team who doesn’t even have a proper name?   7 hits?  I thought you guys said this guy was some sort of franchise pitcher.   You really need to stop hyping everyone when they have 3 good months.

Look, I can’t sit here blogging about the Mets when we’re about to put a man on the moon….you guys watch all the baseball you want.

Mets Police Morning Laziness: on Thursday you told me the Mets were back in the race. Plus, TDK DFA’d!!

SLACKISH REACTION:  Andy Martino probably has a theory on why you don’t like Dom Smith.   My question would be why we are playing such defense in the late innings, but I guess with this roster who the hell would you have out there anyway?

How is the easy part of the Mets schedule coming?  Any updates on the Mets being back in it?  Do you see why I came at people hard on Thursday for being idiots?

Speaking of Mets fans being idiots, did you see that THE NEXT SEAVER was DFA’d last night?  I mean seriously people you called him THE NEXT SEAVER.  Listen to yourselves.  THE NEXT SEAVER.

I imagine Matt found himself at a burrito shop to drown his sorrows.    Here’s a look back at The Dark Knight in photos.

Anyway, don’t be sad.  I read on Thursday on the Formerly Mets Blog that the Mets were back in it.  They are just 9 games under .500 and only 6.5 back in the Wild Card standings and this is the soft part of the schedule.  Stop being so negative!

I’m heading to the beach.  LGM.