Great Job Out Of Michaels & NBC In OT

I witnessed the most amazing thing on television last night right after the Chargers won in overtime.  

They let the pictures do the talking.

For a longgg Michaels & Madden said nothing.   “…and the Chargers win the game!” and then nothing.  Pure professional.

Below is the video but don’t be surprised if Youtube has pulled it down.


Bobby Valentine Speaks

The Connecticut Post has this article with Bobby Valentine.

“The WBC is the world event that baseball needs,” Valentine said. “But personally, I’d rather see championship teams from each country play each other. However, that’s not realistic so an All-Star event like the WBC is the next best thing. I hope the WBC is a catalyst to grow baseball internationally.”

‘Great life experience’

Make no mistake at age 58, Bobby Valentine is better thanks to his time in Japan. And Japan is a better baseball nation for having experienced Bobby Valentine.

“It has been a great life experience. I lived in Japan as a minority, which is quite a different perspective on life,” Valentine said. “I feel good about myself. I learned a new language. I learned a lot about baseball. I learned a lot about patience. I learned a lot about cultural diversity and people’s motivations.

“I’m glad that I was young enough when I went there to experience it,” Valentine continued. “It is so challenging. It is such a demanding baseball culture. Japan was a place where there was room for baseball growth. A place where I got to see the fruits of my labors. Japan is full of 30,000-capacity baseball stadiums. My first year we drew 400,000 fans. Now attendance is up to 1.7 million and my Japanese players come out and sign autographs before games. I was truly part of some positive change.”

Jets: No Coach For You

An awful week for the Jets continues – awesome – as Peter King has reported that Mike Shanahan will sit out until 2010.

The Jets are going to wind up with a rookie coach which is going to be a step back for the franchise.  Yeah go ahead and hit comments about how successful the rookie coaches were this season, and then go read this:    I Hate The Jets

Cool Futbol Rivalry You Never Heard Of

Not much going on in baseball tonight (hey MLB Network got anything interesting to put on?  I mean baseball has only been around for 125 years, surely you can go a little further back than 2008).

Anyway, I stumbled across this:

Yankees-Red Sox? That’s always a sure bet. Lakers-Celtics? Sure, but only recently has it been revived. Patriots-Colts? Too new. Cowboys-Redskins? Maybe, but it has lost some fizzle. Canadiens-Maple Leafs? Blackhawks-Red Wings? Depends on whom you ask.
Here is one you may have missed: Club América-Chivas Guadalajara. You knew that, right? You should.
Mexico’s most popular and successful soccer teams have been going at it for more than 60 years, and tonight they bring the latest installment of their intense rivalry to Robertson Stadium as the nightcap of an InterLiga doubleheader that also includes UANL Tigres (Monterrey) taking on Atlas (Guadalajara) in Group B action.
Just how big are these teams? They combine for 21 league championships, with Chivas holders of 11, the most in Mexico. With Chivas a 102-year-old institution and América a slightly younger 92, the respective fan bases extend generations and are in the tens of millions in Mexico alone. Both are considered the faces of Mexican soccer.
That is where the similarities end. Chivas is also popular because of its long-standing policy of fielding only Mexican players, which plays to the national pride of many. “The people’s team,” is the main feeder of talent for the national team.
Club América prides itself on spending lavishly and inking international players, most of them from South America. They are considered the league’s richest club, the Yankees of Mexican soccer.


The rest is here.

Yankees Bad For Baseball? (Link)

Are the Yankees bad for baseball?   Click the link.

Oh, please. The Yankees are the best thing to happen to baseball. There is a reason that when the Yankees visit a city, they break attendance records. (In 2004, when the Yankees visited Los Angeles, the Dodgers recorded over 55, 000 fans in attendance, or the highest recorded attendance in 31 years…including World Series games.) There is a reason that when the Yankees play an away game on a getaway day, the game is scheduled at night, even though most teams play day games on getaway days. Why? Because the local television want to broadcast the games at night when people are home from work, because they know they will get the highest ratings of almost any game that year.

The rest is here.

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