The Video The Mets Don’t Want You To See

Thanks to CyclonesFan for grabbing this. Here’s the Joe Smith video the Mets don’t want you to see. The Mets Police say this is not how we want our players to behave, waive him today.

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Delagdo: You’re All Front-Runners

Let me get this right:

Friday Night the vibe was ejubilation that he was benched.

Today he gets a curtain call?

Are we running him out of town or sending him to the All Star Game? (Speaking of which why have some teams have had it twice since the Mets have).

You’re all fickle. Leave Delgado alone and focus your wrath on Omar giving Castillo four years and Pedro being useless (see “Pedro Exposed” below).

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We’re #13!

ESPN Magazine fan survey has Mets fans as #13 most satisfied baseball fans, and 93rd sports franchise overall (two behind the Canucks).
Is it the losing? The black unis? The 15 years of Fran Healy on Sportschannel?

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Davey: Mets Screwed Up Gooden

It took 20 years for someone to admit it but here it is!

The Daily News speaks with Davey Johnson

DN: You managed one of the greatest young talents the game has ever seen in Dwight Gooden, who went 24-4 as a 20-year-old. How do you feel when you think about his career, and his life after baseball?

DJ: Unbelievably sad. The biggest shock in my life in baseball was in the spring of 1987, when he came into my office and said, “Skip, I’ve got a problem. I’ve got to go to drug rehab.” I said, “You’ve got to be kidding me.” Doc was like a son to me. He was the first one to the ballpark every day. He was always happy. I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

The thing with Dwight is that he meant no harm, but he couldn’t say no – to his guys from his hometown. He didn’t want to feel bigger or better than anybody else.

DN: He was a good pitcher after that 1985 season, but never the same pitcher.

DJ: Never the same. I blame it on the drugs, and I also blame it on the delivery change they had him make. I don’t even know where the orders came from, but they didn’t come from me or Mel Stottlemyre. They wanted him to shorten his delivery, lower that big high leg kick and not turn as much. Sure, he could be run on, but they could run on (Greg) Maddux, too; did they change his delivery? To this day I regret even going along with it.

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