Citi storm still out there

I’d love to write about a baseball game or an interesting transaction, but there continues to be nothing happening so all I have for you is tales of naming rights.
Newsday is on the change the name kick.
It’s easy to call it something else.  It’s even easy to take the big letters down.  Isn’t there a Citi logo on the end of half of the seat rows?  That sounds like a lot.
And if not Citi what should they call it?   Mets Field?  Jackie Robinson The Dodger Stadium?  Ebbetts Field? 
I’d love New Shea, but we’ll wind up in Gatorade Stadium in a few years anyway.   Might as well keep the Citi name but allow them to restructure the deal so they don’t have to pay the Mets right now.


Highlights from last week

 I usually do this on Sunday but (a) I posted 5 or 6 new things yesterday and (b) figured you were watching football.  This week we had a lots of non-Mets stuff but I can only write about Manny Ramirez so many times.

The Curse of Lee Mazzilli  was the most popular article, thanks to a link from Mets Blog.

Joe Torre’s book has dominated sports-talk.  The complete Larry King CNN interview is over on the left-hand panel of Mets Police.

Many folks checked in to read about the Million Manny March which I thought was underpromoted, but a good idea.

Yesterday when everyone was in football mode, we wrote about Save The Islanders! and a scary warning about tickets from the Yankees.

Folks love looking at pics of New Yankee Stadium. Also here and here .

Football fans may be interested about a Proposed Change to NFL Overtime , and of course the Steelers won the Super Bowl!

Steelers Win Super Bowl 27-23

Congrats Steelers!

NY Sports Examiner: Steelers Win Super Bowl 27-23

The Steelers are now the only NFL team to win six Super Bowls.
The game was pretty much as expected for much of the first three quarters, with a better defense and a better team winning.   Pittsburgh had their boot heels on the necks of the Cardinals but were unable to provide the crushing blow.  By the end it was a heart-racing classic.
The defining play of the first half came with Arizona on the verge of taking the lead.   Kurt Warner had the Cards moving but was intercepted by linebacker James Harrison who returned it 100 yards.  Instead of leading or tied, Arizona found themselves trailing 17-7.
The Steelers played the possession game throughout the third quarter.  John Madden said it best when he said that the Steelers would do what they do, “Run and play defense.”  Pitt stretched the lead to 20-7 and this looked like another bad Super Bowl reminiscent of those from the 70’s and 80’s.   
Then Kurt Warner (31-43 for 377) found his magic.
Arizona made it a game in the fourth quarter with a 4 minute 87 yard drive capped by a Larry Fitzgerald touchdown.  Warner completed ten in a row across two drives, and with about five minutes to go it seemed momentum had changed in favor of the Cardinals.
The second drive stalled but Arizona pinned the Steelers on the one yard line.   On second down the Cards nearly pinned Willie Parker for a safety.  On the next play Roethlisberger connected with Santonio Holmes for twenty yards and a first down – but holding in the end zone negated the play, and Arizona was awarded the two points.
Arizona ball with just about three minutes to go and 65 yards between them and the Lombardi trophy.  Warner hit Larry Fitzgerald again for a 64 yard touchdown, and suddenly incredibly the Cardinals had the lead 23-20.
With 2:37 it was time to see if the Steelers were champions or not.  Big Ben held tough, converting a crucial 3rd and six under the pressure of a blitz.  The Ben & Holmes show took over(4 for 73 on the final drive), and Roethlisberger found Santonio in the corner of the end zone with :35 to go and immortality.

Springsteen Was Great (and football stuff)

My blog, my rules.

Springsteen was great.

Freezeout, Born to Run, Working on a Dream and Glory Days – each in a shortened version dropping a verse.

It was great having the NFL players do the traditional E Street band opening.

As for football – I thought this one was over at 10-0 and Warner’s 99 yard pick-six doesn’t help.  Pitt should take 40 seconds between plays the rest of the way out.

Not a bad game, or maybe I just have a Springsteen high.  And Star Trek looks great except for Chris Pine as Kirk, which is kind of a problem when you miscast Kirk.

That ends our non-sports content.  Back to bitching about Manny Ramirez.

Changes to NFL Overtime Coming?

“What we’ve seen in our statistics is that historically, about 30 percent of the games in overtime are decided with a team who wins the coin flip scoring on the first possession. That number has risen to about 47 percent. That’s significant, and I think it’s something our committee needs to look at.”

That’s the commissioner, Roger Goodell, speaking about NFL overtime.

I’m fine with the way overtime is decided, but I heard ESPN’s Mike and Mike discuss an interesting twist this morning.   The idea they mentioned would change the rule so that the first team to six points would win the game.    The goal there would be to eliminate games from being decided on a 50 yard field goal.

It’s not horrible.  It would increase the chances of both teams getting the ball in a way better than the college rule.

I still think that your defense should just stop the opposition.  If you can’t prevent a big runback or keep the opponent pinned on their own twenty, why should you win the game anyway?   You had three hours to win.

Other considerations are eliminating field goal tries on the first possession (silly, that’s not football), or just placing the ball on the twenty yard line.

The NFL ain’t broken, other than a Super Bowl matchup that has many folks underwhelmed, don’t fix it.