Four Inning Pedro Goes, Well, Four Innings

Pedro Martinez, who ran out on the World Champion Red Sox five seconds after they won their first world series in a zillion years, pitched four innings today.  His record stands at ten wins since June 6, 2006.  He pitched a nice four innings, but that’s all someone can expect out of Four Inning Pedro.  If Jerry manages the way he did today, all will be well.  Four and out.

Mets win eight in a row.  

The Magic is Back.  Watch It Here.  Amazin’


Bobby Murcer

I can’t say I saw him play much, and I didn’t hear him call too many baseball games – but my perception of Bobby Murcer seems to be the same as those who knew him – a genuinely likable man.

Sorry to hear that he has died.

Generic We’re Happy Mets Are Rocking 7 In A Row Post

Seven in a row.  Nice.  Wish I had something other to say other than nice home run, they are playing better and spunkier since Jerry took over….etc.   I’m happy…what a turnaround.  Very cool.  I just have nothing to say about this game other than I am happy they are playing well.

Tomorrow is Four Inning Pedro, so I expect a loss….would be nice to win Sunday night and hit the break 8 of 9.   

Don’t Do It Brett Favre!


Don’t do it.

Don’t leave the Packers.

Stay retired.  Or be a Packer.

Don’t be “that guy.”  Don’t be the guy that plays that one extra year with the Ravens or Bucs or Bears or Jets or whoever.

Don’t be Joe Namath in a Rams uniform.

Don’t Be Johnny Unitas on the Chargers.

Don’t be Jerry Rice, finding yourself in someone else’s number, hoping to make the Broncos.

Don’t be Steve Carlton on the Giants, White Sox, Indians and Twins.

Don’t be Tom Seaver playing half a season for Boston.

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