Selig is NOT a Great Commissioner

Graziano in the Ledger throws it out there that Selig is a great commissioner.   Whoa hold on there pal.

Yeah it’s fun that the Rays are in the World Series and that the Brewers made the playoffs but let’s calm down a little before we start ignoring the last 15 years.

Everyone knows the list but I wil bore you with it anyway.  In no particular order:

1.  Clemens.  Everyone kidded themselves.  All you had to do was look at him.

2.  Bonds.  Congrats, both Home Run records are now tarnished and we’re hoping A-Rod of all people can be the home run king.

3.  McGwire.   Heads in the sand to sell tickets.  Ditto Sosa.

4.  Interleague Play.   It sucks.  Yeah it’s halfway fun when the Mets play the Yankees and a bunch of similar matchups, but it’s not more exciting than Yankees-Sox is or Mets-Phils should be.

5.  The dopey three divisions and Wild Card.   All the Wild Card does is allow teams that suck or are (undermanaged by Bobby Valentine) to stick around and kid themselves.   Oh, and it adds a lame round of playoffs.

6.   11pm playoff games.   Remember that one?

7.  5am opening day!  Remember those?

8.  The leagues still haven’t reconciled the DH.   That should be solved in 5 minutes.  Flip a coin.  Expand the rosters to 26 to shut the union up.    Just decide.

Anyone of a certain age knows the game was much better in 1978 than it was in 2008.  Selig is horrible.


Absurd NFL Coaches Interview Policy

The Rams want Jim Haslett to be their coach.

They would like to sign him and pay him.

They can’t.

Haslett is 2-0 but must remain the “interim” coach so that in the off-season the Rams can follow league guidelines and interview minority candidates.

Who do you suppose they will wind up selecting?  That’s right – Jim Haslett.

So why insult other men by making them go through a process they can’t win?  I understand the goal, but this seems silly.

Rays, I’m Sorry I’m Just Not Into You

I spent much of the summer admiring the Rays.   They were younger and sexier than my team and looked like they were going places.

Now that the World Series has come and the Rays are there I realize I just don’t care.   I’ve watched zero pitches of the first two games.

Rays, it’s me, not you.  I hope you win, but I won’t be there for you.

I Guess "Midget Mets" Isn’t PC

Remeember the “Midget Mets?”  This was the kids fan club in the 80’s and the club had it’s own entrance at Shea that was where “Gate F” would have been.
I remember in 1984 during the heart of Cubsbusters the Midget Mets fanclub got free tickets to a game – teh Mets picked a crappy random game against the Cubs who had been equally as sucky as the Mets were in 1983.  Lo and behold (is that a real phrase?) the Mets-Cubs random game became a doubleheader, and one of the hottes tickets of the season – and the Mets got stuck with 20,000 kids in the upper deck, none of whom were going to buy a $3 beer.  Ha-ha!
Anyway, this morning the Mets have invited me to be in the “Fan Club For Kids.”  For $25 you get a bunch of crap including a bag of Cheez Doodles, a cheesy orange visor (just give a blue hat), and a buy one get one free coupon for Aquafina.  Really. 
Oh, and no tickets.

Will Beckham Destroy MLS By Leaving?

The reports have Beckham being "on loan" to AC Milan for three months to stay in top shape.

The rumor has it that it might be permanent.

What would it mean for MLS is he bolts after two years? It would once again set soccer back 25 years – and I remember when soccer was the next big thing circa 1980 (there was a great Bill Gallo cartoon making fun of that).

It's a shame that the Galaxy missed the playoffs two years in a row, and other than that first game the league has done a poor job of hyping his games outside of the soccer community.

Here's hoping that he sticks around.

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