Guest Post: Veggie Food At New York Mets’ Citi Field

As the Mets return home to give away red cars and wear Los Mets jerseys, here’s a guest post that covers one of the few things at Citi Field that we haven’t gotten to yet.


As 35 year old  lifelong Mets fan, (and a former vendor at Shea
Stadium) who also loves to eat and has been an ethical vegan for 15 or
so years, the subject of vegetarian food at Citi Field is of great
interest to me. As a vegan, one of the things I miss most at Met games
is being able to truly enjoy “ballpark” food at the game… namely hot
dogs. In most new stadiums veggie food is widely available…in fact,
I’ve enjoyed veggie dogs or veggie burgers at most new stadiums I’ve
traveled to, even in (boo) cities like Philadelphia!

So, when Citi Field opened and there were no veggie dogs or burgers I
was bummed. Did the Mets miss a golden opportunity to serve (and
overcharge!) their many vegetarian, vegan and health conscious fans? I
called and corresponded with their food service people who were very
responsive and perhaps others did too, because the Mets just started
offering more vegetarian options!

Luckily for us it took them some time, but they now offer more veg
friendly fare in addition to pretzels, knishes, etc…

Here’s a site devoted to veggie food at ballparks with some Citi Field info…

I’m writing this to you because:

A) so much has been made of the varied food options at Citi Field but
I’ve heard almost nothing of these new options. Sure, vegetarians and
vegans could eat the veg sushi at Citi Field, but really, who wants
sushi at a Met game? Not I.

B) I thought it would be nice to celebrate when the Mets get something
right and do respond to fan feedback!

C) I thought your readers might want to try and support these options
so they’re back next season.

I have yet to try them veggie dogs but I plan on changing that this
weekend. I’ll let you know how they are.

Getting to eat a veggie dog while watching my Mets! Exciting!

Keep up the great work. I love your site.

Thanks Eric!   Since I’m out of my expertise here I’ll share one more piece of information from Eric:

Oh… one more thing… according to the Soy Happy site the burgers
and dogs are vegetarian and they think vegan. I hope to confirm
through soy happy or the Mets soon that they are indeed 100% vegan (no
animal products). Sometimes veggie burgers and veggie dogs will have
egg in them which would make them not be vegan. Hopefully the Mets Soy
Happy rep will know… you might even want to drop them a line to see
if they have confirmed that they are indeed vegan? Just a thought. If
I hear anything or discover anything this weekend I’l let you know.

When I go out there on Satur…I mean Wednesday (thanks David Howard) maybe I’ll grab one!

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Can The New York Mets Bring Jerry Manuel Back After This Kind Of September?

I like Jerry and I have stuck up for him.

I'll cut him some slack for injuries and for rolling out a 5 man
rotation that might include ME soon.

However the team just looks dead. Just show up and home the 9 innings
go by. There is no life in this team.

We can talk about injuries all we want, but add in Reyes and the
unknown Left Fielder and 6 of the 8 2010 Mets are actually out there.

As I've said before, if the marketing plan for 2010 is "catch the
healthy stars" then Misters Wilpon are in for a surprise.

I found myself daydreaming yesterday that this might be a really bad
downspiral for the organization, with some really shocking yearly
attendance numbers coming in a few years, and this being Yankee Town
more than ever. If you squint hard enough you can see David Wright
being traded to the Reds.

I think the Manuel era has run its course. Might not be fair but a
change for the sake of change is needed.

The right salesman for this job is Bobby Valentine. I'm not convinced
at all that he's a World Series winning manager, but this team needs a
sideshow and V will bring it. We can worry about winning once we've
wiped the stench of collapse and quitting from the organization.

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The New York Mets Couldn’t Possibly Be Thinking About Raising Ticket Prices Could They?

Over in the Post, Burt Hubbuch mentions that he thinks the Mets may increase prices in 2010.  On Twitter last night he had mentioned that he was trying to get an answer out of them but they didn’t want to talk about.
The Post article says:
The club would only release a statement that said: “The Mets in the weeks ahead will be in direct communication with our season-ticket and ticket-plan holders regarding ticket prices for the 2010 season.”
The Mets aren’t that insane are they?   Hopefully they will wait to see what the Yankees do…can you imagine the spin on “World Champion Yankees reduce prices” (even though we know that’s just spin) vs. the Mets raising prices?
If they really are desperate for cash, I suspect we’ll see a brand new uniform design for 2010 which will get guys like me and you to hand over $100 for updated shirts.  Choose wisely Mets.
Story is here: