Zero Point Zero Zero

Some good lines from last night.

I Heart Jerry:  “If you would have lost this game, obviously, it would have been a devastating thing.”  The previous manager would have sugarcoated it with it’s a long season, 162 games, blah blah….but to be fair so would the guy managing the first place Dodgers.

Omar on Bonds chances of joining the Mets:  “Zero point zero zero.”

2.5 back with the formerly New York Giants in town.  Don’t suck.  Let’s go, Mets!


Big Mouth Mets Police Apologize To Mr. Minaya

As several folks have pointed out, I have put my foot in my mouth and unfairly accused Omar Minaya of making the Scott Kazmir trade when in fact it was Jim Duquette.

I was inaccurate. Good job out of those who watch the watchers.

I don’t know what else to say other than I’m an idiot and own up to it.

Attention Yankees: Biggest Series Of Year Alert

Dear Yankees,

I enjoy watching your baseball games in October.  You probably enjoy playing them and think of them as a birth rite.

As you look at your schedule this week, do not be fooled into thinking that these three games against the “Devil Rays” will be easy.   They won’t be.   The rays have cast aside the Devil, and now have the best record in baseball.  No, really.  

This is the most important series you’ve played all year and you must sweep.  The clock is starting to run and it’s time to make up some games.   The Rays have plenty of young pitching, including an all-star named Scott Kazmir (name sounds familiar, I can’t quite place it).

I’d like you guys to be there in October.  Hopefully we can close out both stadiums with a Subway Series.  If that can’t happen, maybe Joe Torre’s Dodgers will show up.   Either way, you need to sweep. 

Kazmir Trade Update

Victor Zambrano is 0-6 with the Colorado Sky Sox of the Pacific Coast League.

Scott Kazmir will be in New York on June 15th pitching for the American League All Stars.

Omar Minaya is still the General Manager of the Mets.

Just sayin’.

Mets Guy in Michigan: Shea Quest ’08: Things to see while taking a final look

A really cool blog that’s got some great stuff. Check this one out – I’ve spent a lot of time at Shea, in good seats, in bad seats and behind the scenes – but I didn’t know about “the dog” nor did I make the connection the Mets have the only trophy with Seattle Pilots on it.

Great stuff, with pics. Click it.

Mets Guy in Michigan: Shea Quest ’08: Things to see while taking a final look