Skeptical Rockies fans

I'm on a 7 right now

There's some Rockies fans heading to the game.

I say rained out.

I show them the MLB app.

They still don't belive me. They call their friend to check.

I show them the story on metsblog. Now they believe me.

You've got Colorado street cred Matt Cerrone!

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Don’t Let Charlie Samuels See These New York Mets Hats

Thanks to Matt Cerrone over at Metsblog for the link to Mets Police today – and also for linking to this one below.  I would be sad had I missed this one:

New Era NY Mets ‘Velcro Patch’ 59Fifty Fitted Hats

It seems like a joke  A cap with velcro stuff so that you can make your own ugly Mets hat.

At least it’s blue.

When these come out in black I can see the Mets will start wearing them and allowing any random collection of logos.

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So..Where’s All The Mets Stuff We Were Promised

I haven’t been to Citi this week (will be there tomorrow, camera in hand) – but from what I’m hearing, the Mets have yet to add any (noticeable) Mets memorabilia to Citi Field.

There had been talk that we would see more “Mets stuff” after the All-Star Break.

Can it really be that hard/expensive to order some pictures and banners?  

Maybe I misunderstood the timetable.  Maybe readers are lying to me to make me look bad.  Maybe the Mets didn’t actually add anything.  I’ll know tomorrow.

Thanks to Mets Walk-offs, a great blog, and a great “different” blog (writes about different things than the typical Mets blog), for the info.  Walk-offs writes about the lack of a Mets HOF, the Royals HOF, and who should be added to the Mets HOF.

As I wrote recently, I think the Mets should have a physical Hall.

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New York Mets Players Choice Attire

This stuff doesn’t bother me…unless I see it on the field.  Or they let J.J. Putz design any more – his camouflage stuff is awful.

“We found we could make really fresh, dynamic products that reflect the personalities of the players,” said Judy Heeter, director of business affairs and licensing. “It also sounds like the phones are ringing from other players and other teams who want to do the same thing.”

I could see the Murphy Irish jerseys selling (especially if he actually hits)

Get it the players clubhouse store.  More to read here.

(Nitpick typo – “David” Murphy jersey here.)

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