Congrats To Jeter On The Yankee Stadium Hit Record

A little late on this but sometimes I have to file reports at the Daily Planet and sometimes I have to walk Krypto…but congratulations to Derek Jeter for getting the most hits at Yankee Stadium (ok pretend for a second it’s actually the same stadium.)

This is no small feat.   Think of the hundreds of players that have played for the Yankees.  Some lousy players sure, but also some pretty goods, some greats and some hall of famers.   Any time you pass Gehrig in anything it’s an accomplishment.  Nice job by the Captain.  Congrats.


Night Opener Grrrrrr – Hey Mets Please Reconsider!

Now I’m just mad at everyone.  I’m mad at the Padres.  I’m mad at the Mets.  I’m mad at the Collective Bargaining Agreement.  I’m mad at the schedule maker.
Why the hell do they have top open against the Padres?
The reason for the horrible night opener as explained by

NEW YORK — The New York Mets‘ Citi Field opener will be Monday, April 13, a day earlier than originally planned, and the new ballpark will open with a night game.

At the request of the Mets, San Diego and Major League Baseball agreed to move up the first game to allow Tuesday to be an off-day in the middle of the three-game series. New York wanted to have the Tuesday open in case the opener is postponed by bad weather.

San Diego hosts San Francisco on April 12 and will fly from the West Coast to the East Coast with no day off. Under its labor contract, MLB is allowed seven West-to-East trips without a day off in each league per season, as long as there is no more than one per club.

But because the Padres won’t have an off-day, the April 13 opener cannot start earlier than 7 p.m., according to the collective bargaining agreement.

Come on Mets.  Play this one on Tuesday afternoon.   Don’t blame the weather, you’ll make us sit there all night on Monday to collect the parking fees and $10 beers, who ya kidding.   Move the game to a day game!

Opening Night???

OK Mets Police fans, who can tell me what’s wrong here:
The Mets first home game will be played at 7:10pm on Monday April 13th.
 Let me know if you can figure out why I’m throwing things around Mets Police HQ.

There’s Nobody To Be Mad At

2007 was easy.  Willie sucked.   OverReyes went superstar on us and sucked.
This year I can’t even get mad.  Guys arms are falling off.  There’s nobody to pitch.
There’s no “Doug Sisk” on which to focus my wrath.
They will lose tonight, and my reaction will be “of course they lost, look who they started.”
I can’t even yell at Omar for not putting together a good team – any reasonable person would think one of these 15 guys in the bullpen could get someone out.
I still think they will make it, winning the east.   Jerry has impressed me.