Back In Black

Heard Howie Rose say Charlie Samuels was running his mouth about the Mets wearing the hideous awful cursed black jerseys over the weekend during both games.
So they trotted the horrible repulsive black jerseys out last night. Well guess what Charlie – if you check the boxscore it doesn’t include the words Santana, Maine or rain – so they lost.
Now they are 3-2 with the appalling ghastly black jerseys – so let’s put them away forever.

I’ll use Wilpon logic – the Brooklyn Dodgers never wore black uniforms and the black might accidentally remind someone of the color of the New York baseball Giants hats – so put them away.

Good Post from Mets Lifers: Mets Ruin Young Talent

The Mets are Good at Ruining Young Talent
The Mets are really good at ruining young talent. We can take the best prospects and dash their hopes and dreams with the best of them. Besides Jose Reyes and David Wright can you name the last young prospects or home grown talent that the Mets have developed into stars?

Cool Link: Metswalkoffs

A good post from another blog, this post about pitching records with cool facts such as:

To put Seaver’s mark of 198 wins as a Mets starter in its proper place: Nelson Figueroa (or even Johan Santana) could win 20 games in each of the next nine seasons, and he’d still trail Seaver in Mets starters wins.

Give him a visit…

Citi Field Ticket Prices

Lupica writes about the prices at Yankee Stadium III today – we’ll leave that for The Yankees Police….but it got us wondering about ticket prices at Citi Field (and why is Citi Field two words, and in five years will it be Something Else Field).
Anyways – uppers in Yankee Stadium II are $22 and at Shea for good games they are $35.
If Yankee III is going to charge over $100 to sit in the UPPERS behind home plate, how much do you suppose Titanium Premium Days like Opening Day will cost at Citi Field?

Wilpon Ignores Giants Again

Another in a long series of ignoring another baseball team ever played in New York City.

“The love of the game and this city is in my DNA,” Wilpon said. “I’ve lived here all my life. People have asked me why I am building a smaller stadium . I didn’t build a smaller stadium to make money. I’m doing it because that is the way to give fans the best experience of being close, like in Ebbets Field.”

The rest in today’s Newsday,0,3897483.story