Win Friends By Wearing Dykstra Jersey

Was at the Springsteen concert last night and hanging out with a guy in a Dykstra Mets jersey.

You wanna make friends, buy a Dykstra jersey.

You don’t see many Dykstra jerseys now that you think about it.

Anyways, tons of people we walking up to this guy and telling him how cool it is.

It will not help you get chicks unfortunately.

Osh41 would take points off for it not being a jersey Lenny ever wore (black shading, no piping) – but it was not black and it had pinstripes.  If only the Mets could do this in real life.

I really have nothing to say about the trade deadline other than the obligatory “Mets didn’t get anyone” post.

We will be seeing Joe Torre in October.   Good for Joe and his new best friend Manny.

Maine injury not good.

There are still seats available on my Jon Niese fan club bus.  Please hop on board now before it’s trendy.

We’re looking at big time “Four Inning Pedro” tonight.  The Mets have him capped at 80 pitches.  Somebody might want to start stretching out their arm now.

Bruce needs to come on before 9:30 but you can read about that here

Survey: Do You Really Need "Mets Didn’t Get Anyone" Generic Type Posts

As I dive deeper into this blogging thing, I feel like I’m “supposed” to jump on line at 4:01 and write “The Mets Didn’t Get Anyone” and an empty paragraph.   No offense, but plenty of bloggers did just that today.
I’m not saying by any means my stuff is better or cooler or dumping on anyone but why do we do that?  Why do we all write the “Mets just won/Mets just lost” post at 10:01pm?
So a few questions for you:
What is wrong with us bloggers?
Does anyone really care about generic posts?

Manny To Marlins For Free? Plus Ichiro & Pudge Thoughts

Michael Kay (who doesn’t care about Football Giants fans, see previous post) explained the potential Ramirez-to-Marlins trade.    The Marlins are supposedly asking Boston to pay $7 million of the contract.   With a third of the season left, that means the Red Sox are going to pay $7 million of a third of the $20 million contract – so basically the Marlins would get Manny for free.

If Boston is willing to pay to not have this guy, I’m glad he’s not coming to Flushing.

Great trade by the Yankees today.  They get a player who can play catcher every day.   While the Mets Police are major proponents of winning with home grown players, in this case the home grown player Posada is out for the year.  So this is like the 2000 Mets getting Mike Bordick.   Pudge will never be “a Yankee” but the real Yankees, which I think now might be just Jeter, shouldn’t be punished because a dude got injured.

Congratulations to Suzuki of Seattle on his 3,000th hit.  Mets Police salute the achievement of the player whose first name is Ichiro, and think he should be in the Hall of Fame when he is done playing.   Mets Police do not support a player wearing his first name on the uniform (to be fair it was not Suzuki’s idea) and definitely do not approve of television networks listing his as anything other than Suzuki.   If a player on the Mets wore say “Jose 7” the blog would need a new editor in chief because the original Mets Police Commissioner would be hospitalized.     Regardless, that is a conversation for another day – congratulations to Suzuki!

Suggest Your "Dopey Moments In Shea Stadium History" (Update 3)

We are still accepting nominations for The Dopiest Moment In Shea Stadium History.    So far nobody has nominated any Yankees or Jets or concert moments so I’ve added a few.

Here are the submissions through Tuesday night:

  • Juan Samuel Trade For Lenny Dykstra & Roger McDowell
  • Not Protecting Tom Seaver 1984
  • “Swoosh jerseys” (the underlined ones)
  • Dave Magadan rots on the bench so Garry Templeton can play.
  • Fran Healey broadcasts games for over a decade.
  • ‘Mettle’ the donkey that the Mets trotted out as a mascot in the 70’s
  • Driving away the ‘Sign Man’ – early 1980’s
  • MERCURY METS – one of the most embarassing things I and many Met fans have endured.
  • ‘Who let the Dogs out?’ – I was at Shea when the Mets won the NL pennant in 2000. When they played that song I actually stopped cheering and started complaining. A genuine WTF moment.
  • Anything involving Bobby Bonilla, Vince Coleman, Bret Saberhagen, Doug Sisk, Victor Zambrano and Mel Rojas. There was genuine hatred among fans at the sight of these guys. 
  • Ignoring the Mets Hall of Fame for years… 
  • How they used to call the last home game of the season “Closing Day” (what’s the opposite of Opening Day) 
  • dumping Ray Knight after he won the World Series’ MVP in ’86
  • Signing Bobby Bonilla…twice!
  • “Show Up At Shea,” “Your Season Has Come” “The Magic Is Back”…they all qualify.
  • That dopey Mets rap song thing they came out with two years ago. Notice how fast it came…and went. 
  • Jeff Torborg reports on Mike and the Mad Dog. Brutal.
  • Bobby Valentine coming back to the bench with a mustache after being ejected.
  • Never happened but had Mookie’s ball not gotten past Buckner–Doug Sisk was coming in to pitch the next inning of the World Series with the score tied.
  • Bruce Springsteen allows Patti Scialfa to sing harmony (2003).
  • Jets leave for NJ to have “better bathrooms.”
  • People pay good money to sort of see The Beatles for twenty minutes with a hideous sound system.

Or perhaps it will be one of yours!  Nominate now!

Springsteen Much Better Than Mets Bullpen

Back in the mid-80’s an aging pitcher named Springsteen was bested by Nettles in the bottom of the 9th.   Last night Mr. Springsteen showed up at Giants Stadium and was awesome.  Click Bruce to hear how awesome that show was.

Since I stayed out until the wee hours I have nothing to say about the Mets.  Didn’t see it.  Read the paper.  Hope Maine’s OK.

Go see Springsteen if you can.   Thursday potentially could be the last time we see E Street in NJ.