Robert Scott

I don’t quite understand this Negro League players draft that MLB is having…

…but the Mets get Robert Scott a right handed pitcher. I don’t see much online about him but I welcome Mr. Scott with open arms. He will probably be better than Pedro.

Random Stuff That Adds Up To A Post

I don’t know what to make of this Seaver Jersey. It’s odd. It’s something A-Rod would do. However it’s better than the dopey black uniforms. I’d actually them rather this on a Sunday than the dopey black unis or something with Los in it. (Do they wear “The Mets” – no they don’t. So why be “Los Mets.” But I digress.)

This guy below (not me) doesn’t like Mets radiocasts. I disagree with him and I like Howie and Wayne. Howie needs to be even more honest about the b.s. attendance figures….and the dude is right about the annoying F-A-N thing every half inning. I’ll listen to the oppositions radiocasts just to avoid it. It got old 15 years ago.

Gary Carter Apologized again:

Since it’s long and boring here’s an excerpt:

“I have been inundated with requests for interviews regarding my comments about the New
“I want to publicly apologize to Willie Randolph, and the Mets, for my radio comments. Throughout my career, and in many cases to my detriment, I have been open and honest with the media and at times discretion may have been a better choice. I continue to be an avid fan of Willie and the Mets, and have confidence that this team will be successful.
“Thank you to all my fans who understand my tendency to wear my heart on my sleeve and let my enthusiasm get the best of me at times. I am honored by your support.”

Actually I don’t know if a single person who supports him right now. More people support Willie.

The Apple. Why do the Wilpon’s fight this one? There is not a single person who wants a new apple. People either want the original apple, or don’t care about apples at all. Why upset the fanbase? Stick the dopey wooden apple in the outfield and shut us up.


Catching up from a busy day and our night at the Stadium. Good job as always from which asks the below about Torre. Willie should not think three wins and a dopey orange jacket are going to make us forget that on Monday we were waiting for “the machete.”

Was kinda cool to see Joe get the ovation…and I liked how he tipped his cap in a “thanks” but not arrogant kind of way. Anyways…what would Joe do?
The question, of course, is whether things would be different under Torre. No one can ever know for sure, but could Torre have prodded Carlos Delgado into more production the way he did with an aging Tino Martinez in 2005? Could he have done for Carlos Beltran what he did for Bernie Williams? Could he have put out the fires in the Mets’ locker room the way he did with Kevin Brown and Gary Sheffield, keeping his team together even as they shared space with players who were often divisive?
I’ll add – could have gotten Pedro to bother to show up on opening day? Could he get OverReyes to keep his head in the game? Would he accused SNY of a conspiracy? Would he think fans were anti-Italian if we booed when they were in 4th place? Good questions all. Click the link.

Mr. Met Meets Bollywood

Changing it up for at leats one post, something on the light side.

So this video was posted on YouTube about 11 months ago and some if not most of you have probably seen it. It’s still worth posting now though. Easily one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

My only gripe is that Mr. Met is wearing a black jersey and a 2-tone cap.

Is There A Seaver Curse?

When you’re sitting in the upper deck at Shea during a long game, the conversation can wander a bit with one topic leading into another.

The Mets Police and I were discussing uniforms (possibly the only time most men will discuss fashion) and I mentioned how in 1992 at Tom Seaver’s induction ceremony I saw a family of 4 all wearing different versions of his uniform – the father had a classic Mets jersey, the mother a Cincinatti one, the son a Chicago White Sox 41, and the daughter a Seaver Red Sox shirt – truly a dedicated family.

Mentioning Seaver on the Red Sox in 1986, we realized that the only times the Mets have been in the World Series, Seaver has been present:

  • In 1969 he was their ace
  • In 1973 he was their ace
  • In 1986 he was in the Boston bullpen
  • In 2000 he was a roving instructor and broadcaster. (There was also a Tom Seaver bobblehead promotion in July)

Seaver has not had a role with the team since 2005 and is now concentrating on his vinyard in Napa Valley (first bottles are due out sometime this year).

Can the Mets get to the World Series without Tom Terrific somewhere nearby?