Deja Vu All Over Again

In 1989 the Mets were coming off a relatively disappointing year – one in which they were supposed to at least get to the World Series. Their pitching staff had on it a young 26-year old, acquired in a trade with a 2nd division team, who looked to be a star in the making (Cone) and an aging injury-plagued starter acquired from the Boston Red Sox (Ojeda). Needing more pitching help the front office made a trade with the Minnesota Twins for their Cy Young Award winning left handed ace (Frank Viola), trading away several prospects in the deal.

You know where I am going with this so before I go on let me say I am not second guessing the Mets acquisition of Johan Santana. Hell it’s one of the best things Omar has done since he became GM. All I am doing is pointing out similarities.

In Viola’s first 7 starts for the Mets, he was 4-2, with 50 IP, an ERA of 3.41, and averages of 7.7 hits, 7.5 Ks, and 0.7 HRs all per 9 innings.

In Santana’s first 7 starts, he is 3-2 with 45 IP, an ERA of 2.97, and averages of 6.9 hits, 9.3 Ks, and 1.4 HRs per 9 innings.

In 89 the Mets finished in 2nd place, 6 games back. They would not make the playoffs again until 1999. Meanwhile in 1991, led by 2 of the players acquired in the trade with the Mets, the Twins won the World Series.

Mets Fans Blow 4-1 lead; Bloggers 2-14 with RISP

The fans continued to let the Mets down last night as the fans were unable to hold onto an early 4-1 lead. Jose Overreyes (now batting .260) had a chance to blow the game open early, but fear of being blogged about led him to make the third out.

Even Willie Randolph agreed that cranky bloggers need to do better than 2 for 14 with runners in scoring position:

“Way too many missed opportunities. You set yourself up for a fall when you get that many opportunities early and don’t take advantage of it. It’s no secret. We’ve got to start swinging the bats better.”

Owner Fred Wilpon was not displeased because the Mets loss did result in yet another victory for Jackie Robinson’s Brooklyn Dodgers.

In other game notes, hideously ugly black jerseys were worn for the third straight game, and manager of the future Lee Mazzilli was in no way responsible for the loss.

Today’s matinee looks promising since one of the following words will appear in the boxscore: Santana, Maine, rain.

Mets Fever: Something needs to change

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The craziest part of this is that Willie, based on his own comments is completely out of touch with his own team and the fan base. Willie believes that the fans are acting like they are because they aren’t over what happened last year, which tells me that he doesn’t realize his team is preforming just as they did in Sept. and that’s what the fans are responding to, which is something he should be responding too.

Black Jerseys Not Only Ugly But Cheap

Faboulous job out of Uni Watch.

Look closely at Santana’s sleeves.


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Bobby Valentine Washes His Hands

Bobby Valentine (pictured here in horrible black jersey) has his own blog…and well…looks like he still has a sense of humor. This is on yesterday’s Q&A page:

Sani Hands asked:

Bobby, what is it like when you go to the bathroom in Japan? Are there good places to wash your hands?

As a matter of fact, the answer is yes. I’ve been very fortunate. I guess I don’t have the urge to go to the bathroom spontaneously so I have time to find the right place.