Does Matt Harvey Start for the All Time Over Hyped Mets Team?

Now that the Matt Harvey era is behind us, it’s time to evaluate The Dark Knight’s career with the Mets and where he fits in with other way over-hyped players.

If we were to put together a team, would Matt start? Would he even make the starting rotation?  Putting together this team I had one rule: the player either had to start his major league career with the Mets, or he had to have been a top prospect in the Mets organization that never really made it anywhere (cups of coffee are ok).

First Base – Ike Davis

Upside down catches, cowboy hats, and Valley Fever

Second Base – Gregg Jefferies

Jeffries was supposed to lead Dynasty 2.0 (not that 1.0 ever really got off the ground)

Shortstop – Kaz Matsui

This guy from Japan is so good, we’re going to move the best shortstop the franchise ever had over to second for him…..

Third Base – Ty Wigginton

OK, admittedly this one was a stretch.  I could not find an over-hyped third baseman.  (The closest was Jim Fregosi but that violates the primary rule)

Catcher – Travis d’Arnaud

This one was tough as I like Travis.  But when you are traded for a Cy Young winner (twice in his case) and are billed as the answer to all catching issues, if you don’t perform – injuries or not – you have been over-hyped


Lee Mazzilli

Shannon will kill me on this one, but if you were around in the late 70’s you have got to remember how much Lee was publicized as the new face of the Mets. Was it really justified? No – but the team had nothing else.  So over-hyped yes – but understandably so

Lastings Milledge

When you’ve got your own bobblehead before you make it to the majors, you better perform.  He’s remembered for hive-fiving the fans (which I loved BTW)

Shawn Abner

Strawberry, Gooden, and Abner!  Um who?  He was supposed to be the next top draft choice to change the Mets

Starting Pitchers:

Bill Pulsipher & Paul Wilson

Two-thirds of Generation K.  Isringhausen actually had a good career so he is spared

Tim Leary

The first next Seaver.  Leary had wicked stuff in the minors.  April 12, 1981 on a 46 degree day in Chicago he pitched just 2 innings and was done.

Scott Kazmir

He has carved out an ok career, but at the start he was supposed to be the future ace

Matt Harvey

And so yes, TDK makes at least this starting rotation.

(BTW can we dispense with “The Dark Knight” moniker now?  In the end he was more of a Tan Squire than a Dark Knight)


Jeff Torborg

Coming off 2 winning seasons in Chicago, Torborg was brought in to manage the 92 Mets back to contention. The less said about that team the better.

So that’s it.  I didn’t do a bullpen because who cares about that.  Are there some guys left off?  Yeah – Jason Tyner, Billy Beane to name 2. You could even make a case that Matz belongs on the list. Is there anyone you’d start over these guys? Let me know on Facebook




The Lost Mets Police Posts #11: The All Time Mets Imported Team

It’s quiet in PSL so far today so let’s dust this off….

The Lost Mets Police Posts are the posts that are sitting in “Drafts” in unfinished form.  Think of these as outtakes from a music album, but blog.

Looks like in December of 2009 a post was started about the all time Imported Mets team, those players that did not come up through the Mets’ minor league system.  That seems like the kind of thing Dan would write more than I, but hey let’s look at the original and see if we can finish it off….


CF – Carlos Beltran
2B – Felix Millan
1B – Keith Hernandez
C – Mike Piazza
3B – Howard Johnson
LF- Kevin McReynolds
RF – Rusty Staub
SS – Rafael Sanatana

Jerry Grote
Tommie Agee
George Foster
Dave Kingman
Doug Flynn
Joel Youngblood


That was it for the original daft.

OK interesting start.  But a lot has happened since 2009. (and I kept the original typo in Santana).  And what was with that order?  Was that a batting order of sorts?  Anyway….

In LF, I think there is a clear case for this Yoenis Cespedes guy over McReynolds so let’s swap that out.

As for the “bench” section – I think Jay Bruce belongs there more than some of those names.  What about Jeff Kent?  Neil Walker? Curtis Granderson?

Now back to Santana, I notice this original post didn’t have pitchers.  How about Santana (Johan).  How about Bob Ojeda?  Journeyman R.A. Dickey?

There are probably all kids of names from the 60s-2009 that are overlooked, but I don’t want to spend all day on this plus let’s make you guys do some work.   Discuss!  (on @metspolice or

I actually like this as a topic a lot (as it eliminates names like Seaver, Wright, Reyes).   Maybe I will dust it off next winter as Winter Filler.

Mets Police Morning Laziness: David Wright played baseball last night!

David Wright DH’d for St. Lucie. WHAT????

SLACKISH REACTION: You twitter people drive me nuts.  When I home all you guys tweet play by play but when I am out of town nobody does it.  Do you have a spy cam?   Anyway seems Milone is terrible and the Mets lost and Terry was a tough guy in the postgame.  I’ll just watch the game myself tonight so you can all get back to telling me what just happened on my TV.

Mets last run of games: WLWLLLLLWLLL.   I was nice and started with the Phillies series.

Mr. Met, Pedro and My Mom

I originally posted this story about my Mom back in 2008, but have brought it back every Mothers Day.  Hope you enjoy.

From time to time we here at the Mets Police have given the Mets grief on some of the things they do – it’s what we are here for after all. Today however I must tip my cap and publicly thank the Mets, Mr. Met, and especially Pedro Martinez for something that was very personal.

Saturday was my mom’s 71st birthday. A few thing about my mom. She is a small Irish woman who came here over 50 years ago but still has her accent. Back in the 60′s she worked for a company that had a box at Shea and she attended a number of games (she likes to tell people how she sat next to Joan Payson). But she stopped going (and stopped working) after I was born. So she has not been to Shea since 1966.

Now to give you an idea how much of a fan she is, during the 10th inning of Game 6, she had her rosary out and was kneeling in front of the TV set saying Hail Mary’s as fast as she could. My sister, through some people she knows, was able to get a field box at Shea for Saturday’s game. She also was able to contact someone she knows who works for the Mets and let him know that our mom would be there on her birthday.

So, we go to the game – my parents, my sister, and I. Our mom is tickled pink to be at Shea. At the gate they are handing out teddy bears as a promotion to all kids. Of course my mom wants one, and as soon as they hear that it’s her 71st, no problem, they give her one. That was very nice.

Skip ahead to the fourth inning. One of the staff comes over and lets my mom know that during the 4th, Mr. Met is coming over to give her a present. Middle of the 4th and here comes Mr. Met to present her with the 1-800-FLOWERS birthday cake bouquet. Mr. Met sat down behind her and she is giddy – starts talking to him and laughing. Then at the end of the inning they put her and my dad on Diamond Vision with Mr. Met. Priceless! So we thought that was the highlight of the day.

After the game, we took some pictures, then went up to check out the Diamond Club. While up there she (as only an older Irish woman does) starts chatting with the security guys – asking about Pedro, her favorite Met, and where he might be. Security actually tells us that because of the Billy Joel concert set up, the players are coming out from Gate D today. So Mom now wants to go down to see if she can spot Pedro. All 0f a sudden this 71 yr old woman is acting like a 16 yr old.

We get to Gate D and looking around, set ourselves up at the end of the crowd that has gathered. Wouldn’t you know one of the security guys mom had talked to is now right near us. He points out Pedro’s driver to us and tells mom and I to go over to him and tell him it’s her birthday. We go over, I talk to the guy (Angel) and ask if he thought Pedro would take a picture with my mom for her birthday. Next thing I know he gets a cop to escort us over to Pedro’s car.

When Pedro comes out, Angel tells him about my mom – he immediately comes over and give her a huge hug and kiss. Security cordon off an area around Pedro, his cars, and us. Then they start talking – seriously their conversation went on for a good 5 minutes – he was the nicest guy to her. When she told him he was her favorite player, he said “Really? Me? Not David Wright?” She said something else to him that had him laughing. Really, a very very nice guy. I thanked him and he said it was a pleasure to meet us then hugged my mom again.

Walking back to the car people kept coming up to her wishing her a Happy Birthday and congratulating her on meeting Pedro. So a hundred thousand thank yous to the Mets, Mr. Met, and especially Pedro Martinez for making my mom’s birthday an amazingly memorable occasion.

These 2 pictures say it all:

MetsPolice Mr Met Pedro and My Mom - Mom Talks to Mr Met



MetsPolice Mr Met Pedro and My Mom - Pedro Hug












Postscript – My Mom passed away a year to the day after her great day at Shea, but her memory and love of the Mets will live on.

MetsPolice: Breda Twohig Fan Brick

Wilpons Dodge Expensive Bullet with 2017 Schedule

As soon as the 2017 schedule was released there was one date I looked up.

No it wasn’t Opening Day (at least it’s not a night game….yet), nor was it when the Subway Series would be (aren’t we bored with this yet?)

The date I looked up was April 13th.  As it turns out the Mets are on the road that day against the Marlins.  I’m sure there was a collective sigh from the offices in Flushing.

If the Mets were home on that day, they might feel obligated to do something that would cost them a lot of money.

You see, April 13, 2017 is the 50th anniversary of Tom Seaver’s debut for the Mets in front of 5,005 fans at Shea Stadium.  (For those who care, this coming Monday is the 30th anniversary of his final game).

Who knows if the Mets will do anything to commemorate the man who put the team, on the map.  The man who became the face of the franchise years before that term was used as a marketing gimmick.  In fact, he wasn’t just the face of the franchise, he was THE Franchise.

Oh who am I kidding – we all know they won’t do anything.


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