The Lost Mets Police Posts #8: Crowd Shots 8/2

As we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Mets Police, I thought it would be fun to go back and dust off some “Unscheduled Draft” posts. Behind the scenes if you write a post and don’t publish it, it saves as a draft. And there seem to be a ton of them. Some complete, some incomplete. Let’s have a fun stroll through the blog Outtakes.

Looks like @mediagoon started this one on August 3, 2014 and……..






… he didn’t post a thing.  LOL.   Now that I clickbaited you let’s see what I have.

The first shot is in my system as “Mets Royals Crowd Shots” from that day I think.

And here are some that look like they might be from August 4th.


QBC 2018 Has Found Nimmo (@You_Found_Nimmo )

Hey guys good Old Mediagoon here swinging by to my old haunt to help promote the QBC on Jan 20th 2018 at @katchastoria. From

“Friday, December 1, 2017
BIG QBC 2018 Announcement: We Have Some Good News And Some Bad News

Hey Folks. I have the task of dispensing some news about QBC 2018. There is some Bad News, yes. But, I think the Good News more then makes up for itI mean really, really good. Great even. I’ll go bad news first. Lee and LJ Mazzilli had to pull out of the QBC. Once we found out about thisthe QBC Brain trust mobilized to FIND a replacement. We didn’t want to FIND just any player. We wanted to FIND a player that would make itup to you that The Mazzillis aren’t going to be at the QBC. We think we might have FOUND that replacement.

Ladies and Gentlemen. Fans of that team from Flushing.The QBC is proud to announce that after we have searched and searched.WE HAVE FOUND Brandon NIMMO!!!.That’s right folks. Current Mets Outfielder Brandon Nimmo is coming to the QUEENS BASEBALL CONVENTION on Jan 20, 2018 at Katch Astoria in Astoria Queens. Nimmo will be doing an hour long panel and also an hour long signing.That was my PT BARNUM style announcement, let’s get the official word from the QBC Brain Trust.

“Due to previously undisclosed conflicts, both Lee and LJ Mazzilli have opted to not attend the 2018 Queens Baseball Convention. While we are disappointed in Mr. Mazzilli’s decision, we at the QBC want to ensure that those who are attending our annual event have the best possible experience. Therefore we looked far and wide and in the end, we found NIMMO.

The QBC is excited to announce that current Mets outfielder Brandon Nimmo will be attending our annual event on January 20, 2018 at Katch Astoria. Nimmo will take part in a panel/Q&A session followed by an autograph session for all attendees. Nimmo will be joining pitcher Chris Flexen who was already announced as a guest of the 2018 QBC.

Ticket/autograph packages are still available at” The QBC Brain Trust

Every year we try to make the QBC bigger, better, and more fun then the year before. Hopefully this announcement will help succeed in doing so. We will have another announcement hopefully next week of yet another player that will be joining us.

You can also grab your tickets here.”

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QBC 2018 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale

Pssst it’s Mediagoon again. I wanted to let you guys know about the QBC Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale. Right now we’ve only announced that Mets Pitcher Chris Flexen is going to be there. Monday we should be announcing two more players early in the day. One is a current Las Vegas 51s player and the other is a former World Champion Met. Once this sale is over, tickets go back to normal pricing. Oh yeah the $85 Fast Lane package is almost sold out at that price. Once they are gone they are gone and then go back to regular price as well.
 The Annual Winter Event for Fans of that Baseball Team from Flushing, Queens. QBC 2018 has player panels and signings, panels about the team, uniforms, and more. Looking to buy something related to that team from Flushing? There will be vendors for that! It’s a Fanfest for the Fans, by the Fans.
 Past guests have included, Ed Kranepool, Ron Darling, Mookie Wilson, Wally Backman, Ed Charles, Tim Tuefel, Art Shamsky, and Bobby Valentine.
 This Year we will have Mets Pitcher Chris Flexen, Las Vegas 51s, and a 1986 Champion NY Met X. (More player announcements on Monday).
 If you’ve come to the QBC before and had fun, you don’t want to miss this one! Bigger and Better then past QBCs! If you never have come to one in the past but wanted to, this is the “ONE” to start coming to!
 Special Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale! Starting at $42. Limited numbers available during the sale. Grab yours today!
 Click here for tickets.

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The World Series Is Over

What did you guys think about the World Series?
 I have to say that the start times sucked for the games but the games themselves were pretty exciting. I haven’t looked up the ratings yet but how is a sport supposed to grow fans with such out of control start times? I can’t even stay up that late and I work 20 hrs a day.
 Shannon and I mess around a lot about soccer vs baseball and I want you to know that I have tried to give soccer a chance and it is not exciting for me at all. Baseball while exciting to me has started to get in its own way with all the minute pitching changes which needs to to be fixed. Enough with the lefty/right, righty/lefty matchups. If you are a major league player you should be able to hit or pitch against another major leaguer. Stop overthinking the sport.
 As I said on my blog, I am glad Carlos Beltran got a ring. Mets fans have vilified him enough over the years for that strike out in 2006. That was one of the nastiest pitches that I have seen. If he had swung at it, you would have gotten a “Why did he swing at that pitch?” narrative instead. It would have been cool for Cutis Granderson to have gotten a WS Championship ring but it wasn’t in the cards. That guy is a class act and deserved one. I wonder if he retires…
 The Mediagoon hostile takeover of Metspolice is still happening folks. Let’s see how long it takes for Shannon to figure it out….

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@Mediagoon Takes Over Metspolice

I have decided that I am going to do a hostile takeover of Metspolice today. I locked Shannon away in his house in the far away land of NJ and will bring you Soccer free MP while still running my own site.
 This seems like a good time to plug the Queens Baseball Convention that will be taking place on Jan 20th 2018 at Katch Astoria. Want up to date info? Click here.
 Did I mention that I changed all Shannon’s Passwords Also? That should be fun…..
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