Mickey Watch Watch: Callaway is “Inconsistent with his Messages”

The mainstream beat doesn’t like the way Callaway is expressing the message of hustling to his players.

mickey callaway

Mickey Callaway is consistently inconsistent with his messages.

Callaway attempted to downplay the issue after the game, even going so far as to not even explicitly confirm that he benched Rosario for the lack of hustle.

The incident yet again showcased Callaway and the Mets in a negative light for their inability to deliver a consistent message.

This is the same team that a few weeks ago needed two press conferences for Callaway to say sorry after berating a reporter following a loss in Chicago.

And to make matters worse, Rosario made it clear he viewed his spot on the bench as a punishment for his lack of hustle even if his manager wouldn’t say so.

The team couldn’t even sync up its message after having time to regroup.

“I think it was because of the consequences of me not running out the fly ball,” Rosario said through a translator. “(Callaway) told me to run hard.”

The ability to convey a cohesive message has not been Callaway’s strength this year, and it only makes it harder for the general public to trust what he’s saying.

It also makes it clear that there appears to be a different operating procedure based on who he’s talking to or dealing with.

That Callaway doomed himself in this case makes it even more cringeworthy since he was the one who leaked it to the in-house networks he had disciplined Rosario.(via Yahoo Sports)

As you know, the Mickey Watch Watch watches to see what others are saying about a possible Mickey Watch, and Yahoo seems to have said that he’s “doomed himself in his messaging”, so that’s watch worthy.

Now that you know that, continue enjoying your Sunday night not watching the Mickey Watch Watch which is Watch Watching for you!


Mets Police Morning Laziness: Getting Pulled….

Yesterday, the Mets (finally) thankfully won a game against the Miami Marlins, in which, Edwin Diaz got his 20th Save.

Well, after a couple of fun innings, I’m getting pulled out of this one, as Shannon returns home, ready to thrill you all.

I’d like to thank you again for reading the last two weeks, and when the Mets win fifteen straight games the moment after I leave, feel free to tell @MetsPolice that it’s my fault, because it’ll be a great conspiracy, that will create good content for this blog.

Anyway, I’ve got to run, BVW– er, Mickey, is making the call to the pen.

Brooklyn “Marble Rye” Seinfeld Promotion

As the Summer of Seinfeld (or George) continues on, there’s a special giveaway in store for Brooklyn Cyclones (or Marble Rye) fans that are heading out to the game tonight in Coney Island:

The Cyclones knock it out of the park with another fantastic promotion!

The Fusili actually looks really good, and is much better than that Chavez bobblehead.