How lauded would a 2020 Mets Championship be?

As Baseball fights with itself about playing a 2020 Season – let’s be optimistic and hope the Mets win the World Series while nicely dressed so I can go away.

As fans, would you consider a World Series championship in a small season with expanded playoffs to be a “real” championship?

Let’s walk through some scenarios.

An 82 game season.  The Mets play like the 86ers and win the equivalent of 108 games….going say 54 and 28…win the NL East….and steamroll the playoffs.   Seems legit.

An 82 game season.  The Mets play the equivalent of a 90 win team….lets say they go 45-37 and win the third wild card and scrape by and win the World Series.  Legit?   I guess three rounds of playoffs would make us forget they were the third Wild Card.

This morning The Major League Baseball (that’s “The MLB” to you millennials who somehow think “The MLB” is an acceptable thing to say) – The Major League Baseball is talking about a 48 game season.   I wrote back in March that I think such a season can still produce meaningful standings, but let’s look at scenarios.

The Mets play like the 86ers and win two thirds of their regular season games. They go 32-16 and win the east and steamroll the playoffs.   Are we going ticker tape for a 32 win season?  I dunno.  Plus we should social distance.

The Mets play like a 90 win team.  In this case, .555 ball results in a record of 27-21.  Six games over.  They are the third wild card and somehow win it all.  Are we going to hold the 27-21 2020 Mets up there with the 1969 and 1986 team?  Maybe? Maybe we are that desperate?

Oh don’t get me wrong.  They could get into the playoffs under .500 (not sure if that’s mathematically possible given we don’t know the schedule) – and if they run three or four rounds of playoffs this will be Mets Town and everyone will be jazzed and no longer boycotting the WIlpons and you can forget about social distancing…..but I dunno the 27-21 team that won it all?  Feels weird.  But then again everything about 2020 is weird.

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Baseball Hall of Immortals – Inductee #40: Charlie Gehringer

Known as “The Mechanical Man” because of his consistent play, Charlie Gehringer is the 40th inductee into the Hall of Immortals.

Gehringer played his entire 19-year career with the Detroit Tigers.  Of the 2,221 games he played in the field, all but 15 came at positions other than second base.

At the plate he was equally consistent, batting over .300 in 13 of 16 full seasons, amassing more than 200 hit in 7 seasons, and driving in more than 100 runs 7 times.  In 1937 he won the MVP award, hitting .371 with 209 hits and 133 runs scored.  Amazingly he had an even better season the year prior when he batted .354, with 227 hits – including 60 doubles – with 144 runs scored and 116 RBIs, striking out 13 times in 731 plate appearances.

At the end of his career, Gehringer ended up with a .320 average and 2,839 hits with just 372 strikeouts in 10,245 plate appearances.

There is no doubt that Charlie Gehringer is an Immortal.


For some background on what this is, check out the introduction post here.

On the Mets and diversity

So I have been trying to figure out how to address something that has been bugging me all week. Something feels not aligned to me.

The Mets put out a diversity statement as did many teams and brands this week.

I was curious, so I googled the people in their front office.  You can click that link, do your own research, and determine for yourself if you feel there is diversity in that list.

I keep looking at the players they choose to use in their stager images this week.  (above).  It’s not the most diverse group of players that the Mets could represent.

I struggled to express the feeling that keeps going through my brain.  Then I saw this from Conan O’Brien speaking with W. Kamau Bell, and I think Bell’s words here are what I had been struggling to address.

O’Brien shared that he is concerned that in weeks, or even a year, from now, current actions won’t be followed up on. Bell responded by suggesting that O’Brien connect his life to the actual movement by telling black Americans that he will “do a complete internal audit” of his show and “ask TBS to do the same thing.”

“Of where the black folks work at TBS. Where the people of color work. And not give me the percentage of the total but what level they are at. How many people at the top level. How many people are at the lowest levels of TBS and my show,” Bell told O’Brien. Bell then suggested that the late night host vow that in one year it will look different.

Bell told O’Brien, “Right now, we need white people to show their work.”

A lot of white people, it’s easy to change your Twitter avi to a black background, or to Black Lives Matter, but eventually you’re going to turn it back to that wacky picture. We need white people to not only do the work, but show their work, because we can’t trust that the work will get done,” said Bell. (via Yahoo)

So Mets, yes, let’s be part of that positive change.  Let’s come back in a year and take a look at this page and see if anything changed.