Mets Police Morning Laziness: Formerly Metsblog Ups Its Clickbaity Game and it’s…..

SLACKISH REACTION:  The Winter Of Nothing continues.

Reports are that Wayne Randazzo will return to the Mets radio booth.

NOT LINKING: The Mets interviewed Bam Bam Muelens for the bench coach position.  I am not hating on this news, but what else do you need to know?  We’re also supposed to be super excited that the Mets added Andres Gimenez to the 40.

Formerly MetsBlog cannot help their clickbaity ways.

The reader is not treaded with any respect.  The answer is Korea.

The answer is Robinson Chirinos

I mean, come on guys, that’s blatantly being a bunch of………



Report: Wayne Randazzo to return to Mets radio because people sanity rules the day!

Great news.  The Post says Wayne Randazzo will be back calling Mets games.

Wayne, as you know, is the second best PBP guy the Mets have trailing only Howie Rose, and has passed the aging Gary Cohen in the rankings.  See the many many many posts from last summer of Gary mailing in calls to see why.  Yes Gary CAN still be great but most nights is just fine.

So glad to see that nobody has lost their minds and decided to change the booth.

I won’t be listening anyway because, although no fault of my favorite radio station WCBS, the WOR era and the horrible MLB App broke me of the habit of listening to games on the radio.  I’m sure Generation Z will be getting out their AM radios to enjoy Wayne & Howie, because baseball is back baby.

Mets Police Morning Laziness: Who is Robinson Chirinos and Why do the Mets have interest in him?

SLACKISH REACTION:  Oh my, every website and their grandmothers website has the same headline:  METS INTERESTED IN ROBINSON CHIRINOS!

That made me wonder.  Who is that?  Baseball does not have stars.  I have never heard of this person.  Is he repped by CAA?

Apparently Mr. Chirinos is 35 and has played 8 seasons in the majors without me ever hearing his name once.  He spent most of his career on the Texas Rangers before becoming a Houston Astros player and hit 17 HRs last year.  His agency appears to be MDR Sports Management – so who knows what Wags is up to here?   Maybe Inexperienced Carlos Beltran thinks the guy is really good with signs?

Anyway the internet is very very excited about this story.

The Mets also reportedly have a player named Yoesnis Cespedes.  He played back in the days when David Wright played, and Matt Harvey was a thing you’d care about.

So the big kerfuffle today is that everyone is overreacting to the clickbait headline CESPEDES TOOK BP AND YOU WEREN’T SUPPOSED TO SEE IT!

Look, I was on twitter yesterday and saw the clip which is NOW DELETED!!!   Even I am not breaking out Mulder for this one.  The clip was boring.  Wags already told you he isn’t going to tell you what his SECRET PLANS FOR CESPEDES are.    So sure, we weren’t supposed to see or know that Cespedes took BP.  Meanwhile the official White House twitter account is slamming people for testifying in front of Congress.  You go worry about Cespedes.


New Zealand’s ABL Baseball Team realizes baseball is boring, will play 7 inning games

I like these Auckland Tuatara.  They get it.  The bold is mine.


We need to keep pace with changing world of live sports broadcasting and that means thinking about how best to package your product,”  Vale said.

“We see this concept of seven-innings games in Auckland as a trial and will be keeping a close eye to see how it works.

“We know that broadcasters want concise, two-hour packages because that garners the biggest audience and this could be a glimpse into the future.” (via the ABL)


New Zealand is the best place in the world to be a baseball fan – not just for the 7 inning games, but the MLB World Series starts at 2pm local time!   Fans can watch the entire five hour World Series game and be done by seven.  Sounds wonderful!

Major League American Baseball should immediately adopt the 7 inning game and two hour window because Baseball Died in 2019 and almost nobody under 40 watches it or even cares about it.

But keep calling me Old Man as some sort of argument that I’m wrong and younglings love baseball.  Keep telling yourselves that.


I guess we’re supposed to talk about Mets’ Baseball Operations Jessica Mendoza now

I can’t get too bothered about this, but at least it’s something to post.

Seems Carig  wrote about Jessica Mendoza in The Athletic, and the guys at Awful Announcing recapped it.  I can’t even be bothered to excerpt.  I didn’t see anything particularly interesting.   Click the link if you care but I’m telling you – much ado about nothing other than of course whatever Long Con is happening in Queens.

So to keep track, THIS post is a recap of a recap.