Mets Police Morning Laziness: 10 Games Back!

Don’t Wild Card Standings me.

SLACKISH REACTION:  Well I found out mid-game the guy’s name was Walker Lockett not Walter Lockett…who knew….and Mr. Lockett did fine.  He probably should have come out after the 5th but have you seen the Mets’ bullpen?  The Mets are 10 games back.  10 games back.  Ten.  It is June.

Thor had a pretty nice rehab start!

Matt Harvey resurfaced, he will not be back for Anaheim soon.

Is Wags really gonna sit with the 7 Line Army next week?

The Mets started which looks great – I haven’t been able to check it out yet, hope to do so today and maybe write about it later in the week.

NOT LINKING:  The Mets have the world’s attention!  There are Mets dysfunction articles not just in the local newspapers, but in the Washington Post, The Guardian, Deadspin (well, that’s seemingly every 3rd article on Deadspin) and The Ringer.

MICKEY WATCH WATCH:  Even the Mets wouldn’t make a move and over-shadow their own celebration of 41 Seaver Way and the 1969 Mets, right?


Is Brodie Van Wagenen really going to sit with @The7LineArmy next week?

I may not be the biggest Wags fan, but he does seem to be a man of his word.  Earlier this year, he tweeted this.

See you there!  Well I won’t be there, but Mets fans will see you there.  And by see you there I mean see you there not “see you tomorrow” which I know can upset people.

See you there!

MHN: Matt Harvey was in Arizona, won’t be back before All Star Break

I was planning on doing a “why is there ZERO Matt Harvey news” tomorrow, but good thing I checked!



My #1 follower Noah Syndergaard pitched for Brooklyn on Tuesday. How did he do? You’ll look!

I am no General Manager, and I am definitely not a former Agent, but why couldn’t Thor just have pitched in Philly, with Lockett on stand-by to back him up?

No this isn’t getting the full Harvey Day treatment.

Inning 1:   1-2-3. 8 pitches, 6 for strikes.

Inning 2:   17 pitches through 2, 15 strikes! 2Ks.

In the third, Brooklyn scored four in the top…so it was a long layoff for Thor. Two leadoff singles, then a strikeout. Run scores on a groundout to make it 4-1. K to end the inning. 36 pitches so far, 31 for strikes!

4th: some Ks around a single. Through 4, 50 pitches, 42 for strikes. 7Ks!

5th: uh oh, a leadoff single, an out and a 2 run home run! After 5 he’s at 67 pitches (55 for strikes). 3 runs on 5 hits. Meanwhile Lockett has only given up two!

And that was it. 5 innings, 3 runs on 5 hits. NINE STRIKEOUTS

@Mediagoon will be bidding on this!

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