NY Post makes excuses for Mets passing on Springer

I don’t want to hear EXCUSES.  This whole section is “we are cheap.”  Spend the money.  $5 million to Uncle Steve is like a dollar to you and I.  Can you imagine the amount of $ Steve made on the stock market just yesterday?  The DOW was up .83%  That’s a lot.  Even I made good money yesterday.

The Post is helping the Mets  already lay the “we can’t afford everyone” narrative.   The thing is you CAN afford everyone. You can afford Springer and Conforto.  You just choose not to, and the fans need to understand that.

If Springer were signed would that preclude them from also retaining Michael Conforto? This falls into the realm of how much even Cohen is willing to spend. Conforto will be a free agent after the 2021 season, just like Lindor. In an ideal outcome, the Mets would retain both.

But if they do, they also have Robinson Cano’s $20 million annually returning to the bottom line for 2022-23. Additionally, they either have to retain or replace, likely, two starters because Steven Matz, Marcus Stroman and Noah Syndergaard all are entering their walk years. Cohen has said the Mets will spend like a big-market team, but “not like drunken sailors.” The Mets were wondering, if they have all of that on the payroll, would it be wise to have two outfielders making as much long term as it would have necessitated for Conforto and Springer?  (via NY Post)

What I am getting here is that the Mets wouldn’t mind winning the World Series but if they don’t, that’s fine, because there are budgets and stuff.

I want ALL the free agents, except Trevor Bauer.  He will make a fine fine Yankee.


Stupid Cheap Cohens Mets miss out on George Springer

The chaotic Mets led by the stupid cheap Cohens missed out on signing ALL the free agents including George Springer who reportedly got 6/150 from the Toronto Blue Jays.

We got out-spent by the Blue Jays?

The Mets, in total disarray, don’t even have a General Manager, so I don’t know who would have been around to sign Springer anyway.

What a terrible 24 hours for the Mets.  It was Full On Wilpon Era.

Why don’t we have Springer again?  Luxury Tax EXCUSES?  People using words like RESOUCRES ELSEWHERE?  That’s an excuse.

Meanwhile, people seem to be enjoying my new BOB NEWHART PHONE CALL BIT

Has Sandy Alderson’s complete press conference been scrubbed from the internet and if so WHY?

Scully, this is weird.  I can’t find Sandy Alderson’s 4pm presser on the internet.

Mulder, there are excerpts everywhere.

I know that Scully, but my friend Niko wanted to watch the entire thing and it seems to be gone.

Gone, Mulder?

Yes, Scully.  Gone.  I can’t find it on Facebook. @Mets, Mets.com or the Mets’ Youtube page.

Who cares Mulder, Mets Police recapped it earlier.

Scully, some people think that during the presser Sandy accidentally shared a detail that could help identify the recipient of the texts.

Well Mulder, if that is the case, we wouldn’t want to share that information here as part of this conversation.  I think we can all agree to respect the woman’s privacy.

Yes Scully of course.  I just wonder why the press conference appears to be missing from Facebook. @Mets, Mets.com and the Mets’ Youtube page.  Maybe I am just terrible at searching.

Mulder, they probably are just trying to do the right thing and protect the woman’s anonymity.  It’s the right thing to do.

Scully, you are right.  The Mets are probably trying to do the right thing.  Even if now it looks like a cover-up.