Link->To keep Mets in CNY, Onondaga County seeks $25 million-plus stadium renovation |

Yeah and let’s ask for state funds and stuff.  I like the part that they can’t play in a stadium built in 1997.  I am calling #ChiefsFansUnited to wear bags on their heads.

Baseball fans can look forward to a major upgrade of Syracuse’s minor-league stadium if Onondaga County officials can pull together a renovation project that could cost $25 million or more.

Source: To keep Mets in CNY, Onondaga County seeks $25 million-plus stadium renovation |


Mets Police Morning Laziness: you won’t believe this stuff

I can’t get over this update from Mets Fans United.  Bags over your heads?  Really?????

SLACKISH REACTION:  I see my #1 follower Thor lost.  That sucks.  I feel out of sync with the team right now as I haven’t seen an inning since Tuesday.  On the other hand I really don’t feel like I am missing anything.

How about that 6pm start though?  How do we get some of those in Queens?  Sounds dreamy!!!

You know what today is bitches?

That’s right!  It’s Harvey Day.

I probably won’t get in until 8:30 so I hope I don’t miss too much of TDK.  I should probably tap @nikometsplus for the recap.

NOT LINKING BUT LINKING:  The AAIMBR has yet another post about bringing Alonso up.  Maybe the 53 writers should check each other’s work instead of writing the same thing over and over.

So I clicked the link.  Here’s the opener…

You might not know it because the team still hasn’t called him up, but the Mets have one of the best hitter in the minors in their organization right now.

Really?   No way.

Now since I excerpted I shall link to the AAIMBR as fair play but seriously why would you click on that?  Don’t.


The #MetsFansUnited plan is for fans to wear bags on their heads. Really.

Holy cow.  I mean holy cow.

Tonight was the big CONFERENCE CALL with super guest speaker Frank….you know, the guy that lost his shit last year on Opening Day when his train was late.

So here’s the plan.

They want you to wear a bag over your head to a game.  I don’t know how you are getting into the game without giving the Wilpons some money but hey thats just details.

I know you think I am kidding about this bag thing but go search twitter.

Let’s get some quick reactions…

Don’t miss the BIG EVENT next Saturday the 25th, and don’t forget to find a way into the ballpark without giving the Wilpons money.   Jesus guys.  Just wow.

Cyclones The Office Night

I mean how could I not mention this?  The Cyclones, under Jeff WIlpon’s leadership,, continue to crush it.

Cyclones It Up!

On Thursday, August 30th the Brooklyn Cyclones will celebrate office life with a tribute to “The Office” featuring an appearane from Creed Bratton.  Creed will be posing for pictures and signing autographs on the concourse throughout the game, and fans will have the chance to purchase a Limited Edition Creed Bobblehead package for $30.

Here’s a look at some of the fun that is scheduled for the night:

  • Foot in Bubble Wrap Crutch Race – no need to burn your foot on a George Foreman grill to be eligible.
  • Fishing for “Big Tunas”
  • Angela’s Cat Toss – Bandit will not be harmed in the making of this contest
  • Jello mold Eating Contest – first person to free the stapler wins
  • Fettuccini 5k – Contestants will have to carbo load with some Fettuccini Alfredo and then race around the bases.
  • Cousin Mose Best Beard in the Ballpark Contest
  • Jim & Pam Kiss Cam
  • Paper Airplane Toss
  • That’s What She Said – Match the quote to the cast member
  • Paint Like Pam – Interested parties will be able to paint a photo of the ballpark and the best painting will be hung at the MCU Park reception area
  • Stanley’s Crossword Puzzles – Starting in the first inning the Cyclones will distribute a crossword puzzle and the first one to correctly complete the puzzle will win a prize.
  • First 25 people with a Scranton Address on their Driver’s License will receive a free ticket
  • Complimentary Parking for Sebring Convertibles

But that’s not all.  We have special ticket packages available for your office to come and celebrate THE office.

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