Hey @mets how did your blackout go?

I have ended my blackout of the Mets.  I did see this on social media…looks like people didn’t take part in it.  Good job everyone, except of course the Mets.

Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better.  Tonight was one of those nights.  Stay true to the orange and blue you dumbasses.

You double dumbasses didn’t even bother to make the banner ads black.

Fantastic job by the people in white.

Do as they want and BLACK OUT THE METS TODAY

Today, I encourage you to stay strong.

In my life, the Mets are blacked out today.   Join me.

I will not watch.  I will not discuss. I will not engage. I will not support their sponsors.  I will not comment on the game.  I will not comment on the team.  I won’t comment about them on social media.

Don’t watch. Definitely don’t attend.  Don’t buy any merchandise.  Don’t buy any tickets.  Don’t tweet about them.   Black them out.

There are no Mets.  They are blacked out.

The Mets simply do not exist today.  They are blacked out.

See you tomorrow.


Since someone is going to ask why the Mets Police Bot is tweeting – It’s a fair amount of work to disconnect, and I want to go in the pool.

Brandon Nimmo named Mets winner of the Heart and Hustle Award

Man it was all I could do to resists a Let’s Go joke.  But that’s not my sentiment so I omitted it.



FLUSHING, N.Y., August 4, 2022 – New York Mets outfielder Brandon Nimmo was named the team’s recipient of the 2022 Heart and Hustle Award, the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association announced Thursday.

The Heart and Hustle Award recognizes one player on each Major League team who demonstrates a passion for the game of baseball and best embodies the values, spirit and traditions of the game.

Of the 30 winners from each Major League team, one player will be chosen as the final Heart and Hustle Award recipient, as voted on by approximately 8,600 current and alumni player members of the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association. This year’s recipient will be announced on the MLBPAA’s social media channels and MLB Network during the post-season.

Nimmo, who was the Mets’ Heart and Hustle Award winner in 2018, enters tonight’s contest slashing .272/.352/.429 this season. He leads the team with 64 runs scored, a mark that ranks tied for 13th in the Majors, while adding 10 home runs and 39 RBI in 2022. Additionally, Nimmo is slashing .315/.406/.509 on the road, with his .915 road OPS ranking eighth in the Majors.

Off the field, Nimmo recently hosted a sandlot baseball game for 20 little leaguers from the Greater New York Area. His goal of the event was to inspire young players by encouraging them to keep playing ball and exemplify sportsmanship.

Mets and presumably the owner seem cool with whoring out Tom Seaver “Digital Collectibles”

Saw this on the Mets twitter account.  Steve Cohen, do you not have enough money?  The Dow Jones was up over 400 points today?  How much Tom Seaver Digital Collectible money is there really to be made?  Half a million?  I am confident you made that today.

Do we have to sell every last thing with no dignity at all?

So what is a “Digital Collectible” you ask…….

On twitter today the Steve Cohen Apologists were out defending Steve and saying this is not Steve’s Mets but is rather MLB or the Hall of Fame, but you know what Steve, you own the Mets and this came to me from @mets. Your team, your brand.

You have twitter Steve – if you want to clear up the story and let everyone know this offends you, I welcome your comments, otherwise enjoy your cut of the six dollars.