Queens Baseball Convention 2019 Live Updates Post

In this post I will update QBC stuff throughout the day…

I’m having issues with the mobile uploaded so if you want pictures please check out my twitter feed @metspolice.

10:21am. Wow people came very early. All the seats taken. Buzz even greater than previous years.

11:30. State of the Mets panel was packkkked. I can only imagine what it will be like when the players show up. Had a nice convo with the T Shirt Guy who told me an interesting story (but it’s his to tell). Kranepool Panel next, then my Meet The Mets Execs Panel.

Ed Kranepool walking by. That’s cool.

1:30. Strawberry Panel now. Really enjoyed this year’s Meet The Mets Execs Panel, Will recap that later or tomorrow.

Mets will not be doing Mercury Mets night.

Seems like Seaver Something could be a possibility.

TTSG walking around in a really beautiful orange prototype. I will buy one as soon as he sells it.

Had nice convo with Pete McCarthy.

2:37. Wow it’s packed. I think everyone is on line for Strawberry. I found a seat which is a good thing! @dhapshow is doing a nice job as emcee.

8:07  I didn’t forget you guys nor did I get lazy.  My phone was down to 10% and although I brought my lipstick charger, the white cord I grabbed was somehow NOT an iPhone charger but, according to @ceetar, some sort of USB-2 charger which looks a lot like an iPhone charger when you head out the door at 8am.  Anyway, there’s a full recap post above this one now.  Sorry, I meant well.

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Mets Police Morning Laziness: It’s Queens Baseball Convention Day!

SLACKISH REACTION:  Quiet morning…except for the Queens Baseball Convention!  It should be a great day to see Alfonzo, Kranepool and Strawberry (who is subbing for Keith Hernandez).   It’s annually the best day of the off-season and a great opportunity to connect with your fellow Mets fans and kill off a cold day in the winter.  I’ll have updates for you throughout the day.

Nothing happened in Mets news, and I have The Virus so I will keep this short.

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