Pete Alonso’s listed weight is one pound more than Donald Trump’s – they are the same height

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Baseball Hall of Immortals – Inductee #38: Bob Feller

In his first major league start at age 17, Bob Feller struck out 15 batters.  That was just the beginning for “Rapid Robert.”  Decades before Nolan Ryan electrified baseball with his fastball, Feller was blowing batters away with his.  For seven full seasons (interrupted by WW2), Feller led the American League in strikeouts, including 348 in 1946.  

For 5 consecutive full seasons bookended around the war, Feller topped 20 wins, leading the league in victories each year.  He would end his career with 266 wins to just 162 losses.  Along the way he tossed 3 no-hitters and an amazing 12 one-hitters, both records at the time.

Even though the HOI only factors in what a player does on the field, no discussion of Bob Feller is complete without mentioning his service in WW2.  Just a few days after Pearl Harbor, Feller volunteered for the navy, waiving his deferral status.  From 1942 to 1945, during his prime playing years, Feller served in both the Atlantic and Pacific theaters earning 6 campaign ribbons and 8 battle stars.

In 2010, I had the privilege of meeting Feller during spring training in Arizona.  The man was 92 and insisted on standing for a picture with me saying he would always stand for a picture with a fan.  When he shook my hand I thought he was going to crush it. 

Bob Feller is an Immortal


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Coronavirus Filler: The 1996 Mets Yearbook

What’s scary to me is I feel like I am up to “late period” Mets and still have a quarter century to go.

The Mets finally decide to market players, but this is early proof that baseball doesn’t have superstars….I am struggling to tell you who these people are, and I can’t be bothered to look it up.  Here are some famous Mets.

I like it as a cover, it’s kind of interesting.

Tales Of The Duck Knight: Matt Harvey in Game 7 of the World Series

And good news Ducks fans…

Guys, Matt Harvey’s finger has healed and he will be able to start Game 7!

And here we go!  I can’t believe this blog post was scheduled for 8:27pm.  How are East Coast fans supposed to enjoy it?

OK let’s do this!

The Ducks give Matt a quick 2-0 lead.  Oh man, you can start to feel it…this might actually happen!

Oh boy oh boy, up 4…and Matt is cruising…

The Ducks come back from down 3-0 in the series.  Matt strikes out 14 in Game 7 of The World Series.  Ducks win it all and THE DARK KNIGHT IS BACK BABY!  Time to grab maybe THREE Supermodels tonight.  This is as good as it gets Matt!

Go enjoy yourself virtual Matt!