What Has Omar Actually Done?

(The source material from this piece is from http://armchairgm.wikia.com/Omar_Minaya )

Today’s post is a little different.  Rather than the usual pontification, I invite you to comment on how you think Omar’s done as a GM:

November 30, 2004: Re-signed Kris Benson to a three year, $22.5 million deal, plus $7.5 million club option.

I know most Mets fans hated Benson.  I didn’t.

December 17, 2004: Signed free agent pitcher Pedro Martinez to a four year, $53 million deal

I’ve blogged a million times about this.  After June 6, 2006 Pedro was useless.

January 13, 2005: Signed free agent centerfielder Carlos Beltran to a seven year, $119 million deal

Wow I didn’t realize how long this dude’s going to be in CF.  Too bad he’s not quite what he seemed.

June 7, 2005: Selected Mike Pelfrey with the 9th overall pick in the amateur free agent draft

If Pelfrey is the Pelfrey we saw flashes of last year this might be one of the best moves.

November 18, 2005: Traded outfielder Mike Cameron to the San Diego Padres for outfielder Xavier Nady

I liked Nady.  Yankee fans should appreciate what they have.

November 24, 2005: Traded first baseman Mike Jacobs and pitchers Yusmeiro Petit and Grant Psomas to the Florida Marlins for Carlos Delgado and cash.

Why keep a home grown player when you can get a guy everyone wanted to run out of town last May.

November 29, 2005: Signed free agent pitcher Billy Wagner to a four year, $43 million deal, plus an $8 clup option

Good.  Injuries happen.

January 22, 2006: Traded pitcher Kris Benson to the Baltimore Orioles for pitchers Jorge Julio and John Maine

Benson for Maine.  If you don’t know that worked out great you’re on the wrong blog.

July 31, 2006: Traded outfielder for Xavier Nady to the Pittsburgh Pirates for pitchers Roberto Hernandez and Oliver Perez

Gotta admit, Ollie was a big pickup.

Now the wheels come off.

November 15, 2006: Traded pitchers Heath Bell and Royce Ring to the San Diego Padres in exchange for Jon Adkins and Ben Johnson

November 20, 2006: Traded pitchers Henry Owens and Matt Lindstrom to the Florida Marlins for Adam Bostick and Jason Vargas

November 21, 2006: Signed free agent outfielder Moises Alou

December 6, 2006: Traded pitcher Brian Bannister to the Kansas City Royals for pitcher Ambiorix Burgos

December 7, 2006: Re-signed pitcher Guillermo Mota to a two year, $5 million deal.

January 16, 2007: Signed free agent pitcher Scott Schoeneweis three year, $10.8 million contract

July 30, 2007: Traded minor leaguers Drew Butera and Dustin Martin to the Minnesota Twins for Luis Castillo

November 20, 2007: Traded pitcher Guillermo Mota to the Milwaukee Brewers for catcher Johnny Estrada

There’s an awful lot of “Who’s that?” in there.   I wouldn’t mind having held on to Bannister.

November 30, 2007: Traded outfielder Lastings Milledge to the Washington Nationals for outfielder Ryan Church and catcher Brian Schneider

Milledge for a stale donut would have been a great trade.

January 29, 2008: Traded outfielder Carlos Gomez, pitchers Philip Humber, Kevin Mulvey and Deolis Guerra to the Minnesota Twins for pitcher Johan Santana.
Best move of them all.
Overall – he’s been OK.  Some good guesswork, some bad ideas.

I think Omar’s occasional luck of a grabbing a pitcher like Perez makes him cocky – and we wind up with some longshots rather than acuring known good players.  The Mets act like they are a small market team sometimes.  The problem here is that nothing changes.  Same management structure upstairs, what makes them think anything will change.   Omar had his shots.  It didn’t work.   Let’s try someone else.


Photos Of Dying Shea & New Yankee

Stadium Page is a great website if you are looking for pictures of the old and new stadiums.

Here’s one that they posted that will make you cry:

Below is a picture from Newsday of the unnecessary clonish stadium on the north side of 161.


The Mets Aren’t Any Better Than A Year Ago

So I was thinking about the Wilpons and how much Jeff annoys me, and how little the franchise has accomplished since Frank Cashen got old.

Then I thought about how the 2009 Mets are no better than the 2008 team.

Let’s compare Opening Day 2008 to 2009:

1B  Delgado.

2B  Castillo vs Nobody, Anybody.   So far the 2Bman is still Castillo.   That doesn’t make the 2009 Mets any better.

SS  OverReyes.

3B  The Captain

LF  Angel Pagan. Remember him?  He was scrappy for two months.   This year’s LFer is um er somebody I guess.   A rookie platoon?   Miracle Tatis II?

CF  Beltran

RF  Ryan Church.   Let’s hope Church is over his concussions.

C   Schneider vs Schneider/usual suspects.

So there’s the lineup.   No better because nothing has changed.

2008 P:   Santana, 4 Inning Pedro, Maine, Pelfrey, Perez and Wagner

2009 P:   Santana, Maine, Pelfrey and um er some other guys and K-Rod.  

Wagner was an All-Star so how much better could K-Rod be.  I think that one’s a wash at best (although in theory K-Rod doesn’t miss September and if he does Putz can close).

So same lineup, two starters short and better in the 8th inning.  What makes them think they’ll beat the World Champion Phillies this season?

I think it’s time for a change, and the change should be the unsuccessful General Manager, but more on that tomorrow.


Fun Stuff From The Week (including more Michael Kay)

This post about Michael Kay  got a lot of attention.   One of the things I brought up was my suspicion that Kay doesn’t like like the regular folks.

I don’t know where Kay stays or doesn’t stay when on the road.  For all I know he stays on a friend’s couch and walks to the stadium.    Bob Raissman wrote in today’s news about some other announcers:

Does the cost-cutting at networks extend to the lavish perks enjoyed by marquee sports voices?

For example, take NBC Sports. Those who traveled here for Sunday night’s Panthers-Giants tilt have to stay somewhere. Believe me, Al Michaels ain’t flopping at no Motel 6 in Piscataway. A man of Al-Exigente’s stature is more likely to take his wakeup calls at the Four Seasons Hotel in Manhattan.

The dude probably checked into a suite Thursday night. Four nights in a Season’s suite cost $12,485.25 (including tax). That’s living la-la-large – Daddy-O.

Again, maybe Kay sleeps in a tent on the street, what do I know?  I do know Kay said on his radio show that paying $10 a seat is the same as paying $25 a seat so I’m guessing he isn’t as affected by the economy as you are.

By the way I actually like Kay on the radio – but he’s out of touch on this one.

Raissman also mentioned Lee Mazzilli may get a job with the new MLB Network.  Cool.

Also this week, Metspolice.com got some attention about this: Alleged Racist Angels Fans who don’t seem to upset that K-Rod left

We announced the Greatest Met of the 1990’s and don’t forget I Hate The Jets.


I Love The Jets

I love the Jets.

They never dissapoint me.

Whenever Jets fans get uppity and think they will win the Super Bowl, the Same Old Jets manage to suck against bad teams.  Losses to the 49ers and Seattle?!   Chad Pennington going to win the AFC East?   Awesome!

Same Old Third Place Jets.  Hahahahahaha.

Hey Brett, the team in green is Seattle.

Oh, in case you didn’t realize it:  I Hate The Jets   I wasn’t too far off when I said this.